What will happen to Samantha's and Niall's relationship now that her mum has made up her mind about moving to California?


6. Running Away

Mike's POV

Paul quickly let go of the hold he had on me and went to the door. It was mum.

"Mike, could you please help me with the shopping?" She said, struggling with the bags.

I nodded and walked over to her, watching Paul the whole time. He ignored me and went over to the TV. I heard him flicking through the channels as I grabbed most of the bags from mum.

"What's for din-." I was stopped when I heard a familiar name over the TV.

"Teen heart throb Niall Horan has been spotted early this morning with a girl walking out. Sorry, girls, but it seems like he's taken. The girl is known as Samantha Jones on her Twitter and it seems like they've been in a relationship for a couple of months now."

I glanced over to the TV to see shots of Samantha and Niall kissing, out on dates and one of this morning. Shit. Paul had a smug expression on his face as he continued to watch. I ran off to my room and quickly dialled Samantha's number. She answered immediately.

"What's wrong Mike?"

"You and Niall were on the news together. Paul is looking for you. He just saw you guys... He-." Samantha interrupted me.

"Mike, breathe. So you're saying that Paul's looking for me and he knows I'm with Niall?"

I nodded before realising I was on the phone, "Yes."

I could hear Samantha start to breath heavily in shock.

"I'm sorry Sammy."

"It's okay, Mike. I've got somewhere I can stay. Thank you for telling me but. I love you."

"I love you too."

There was a little pause when Samantha broke it.

"H-how are things over there?"

"Bad. He's already started on me Samantha." I felt the tears brim at the bottom of my eyes, but I ignored them.

"You have to tell mum!"

"Tell her what? She won't believe me."

"Yes she will Mike! this could be how to get rid of him. Just tell her he abused you as a child and is doing it again now."

I thought about it. I had already told mum when I was little, but she told me I was lying. I told Samantha and she believed me, but still stayed close with him.

"Okay, I'll try. I have to go, I'll call you tomorrow."

"Bye." Samantha said and hung up straight away. Okay, I needed to tell mum.

I walked out my room and into the kitchen to tell mum, when I realised that Paul was gone.

"Uh, mum, where's Paul?"

"Mike, call him dad. And he just went to the shops."

Shit. He was going to find Samantha. From the photos on the news, it was pretty clear where Niall had lived and what the house looked like. I ran out of the apartment and to the elevator. I grabbed my phone out and called Samantha again. It went straight to voice mail. She must be on the phone.

Samantha's POV

"Are you sure we can stay?"

"Yes, Samantha. Just as long as it isn't longer that a week. My parents are away." said Michael.

Michael was the only person I could think of for Niall and I to stay with. It couldn't be any of the boys from One Direction, the paparazzi would spot us. It had to be Michael, because his parents are away.

"Okay, we'll be there in five." I hung up and walked over to Niall when I felt my phone buzz in my hands again. I answered without checking the caller ID.

"Samantha, Paul's on his way. Get out of there stat." Mike said breathlessly. He hung up before I could get any explanation out of him. Suddenly his words sunk in. He was on his way? I swear my life had more drama than a soap opera. I ran into the lounge room to see Niall eating pizza.

"Michael's letting us stay for a week and Paul's on his way." I spat out.

Niall's face was full of shock. His lips parted as if he was going to say something, but then they came back together.

"Are you packed?" I asked.

He stood up and nodded.

"Good. Let's go."


It was dark as we put our bags in the back of Niall's car.

"What if he comes here? What do I say?" Louis asked.

I thought about it, "Tell him I said I was going back home and didn't tell anyone why."

He nodded. It was obvious he was scared, knowing what my 'father' was capable of. I'd told him, Shay and Niall all the horrible things he had done to Mike as a child.

"Okay, everything ready." Niall spoke from behind the car. I gave Shay and Louis my last hugs before leaving.

"Call me if he comes." I called as we were reversing out of the drive way. Louis nodded and grabbed Shay, bringing her to his side.

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