What will happen to Samantha's and Niall's relationship now that her mum has made up her mind about moving to California?


5. Comforting

Louis came back downstairs to the mini recording studio with a wide smile plastered on his face.

"So?..." I asked, nervously.

"Okay, so tomorrow you're going to sing in front of our recording people and if they like it, they'll sign you up with Modest."

"What?! No way? Louis that's amazing." I smile, running up to him.

He embraced me in his arms.

"But what if they don't like me?" I nervously ask. I started to bite my nails. It's a bad habit, but I do it when I'm nervous.

"It'll be hard not to like your voice." Niall chimed from behind our hug.

I thought about everything that had just happened. This is impossible. There is no way this is actually happening. I pinched myself, and when I didn't wake up from a dream come true, I smiled. Okay, I needed to get a song ready.

I looked behind me to see Shay and Niall smiling widely. I turned my head back to Louis and saw he was smiling too. Just as everything seemed great, I remembered. I remembered about Paul, my mum and that I needed a place to stay for a little while. I looked back to Niall, who still looked happy. I must've looked sad.

"Samantha, what's wrong?" Niall asked

I felt a tear roll down my cheek but I ignored it.

"Uh, could you guys give us some space?" Niall asked Shay and Louis.

Louis nodded, grabbing Shay and pulling her up the stairs.

"What's wrong babe?" Niall repeated, this time wrapping his arms around me.

I started to sob into his sweater and when I didn't answer him, he cupped my chin, bringing my face up to his.

"You can tell me anything."

"Well, you know how this morning I was telling you about my dad?" He nodded. "Well, he's back. And him and mum have gotten back together. I can't be there anymore. I-I can't be around him."

He looked down at my face understandingly and then held my tighter to his body. Niall is the best hugger. He does this thing where he nuzzles his face in the crease of your neck.

"You can stay here as long as you want."


Niall's POV

Samantha and I walked hand in hand back up the stairs. We went into the lounge room to see Louis and Shay on the couch hugging.

"I'm going to make dinner. Louis, can you help me?"

He looked up and nodded, leaving Shay a kiss before getting up. I looked over to Samantha and gave her a kiss as well before leaving her.

"What's wrong mate?" Louis asked once we reached the kitchen.

"Samantha's going to be staying here for a while because her dad's back. It seems like I can never find the right time to ask her to move in."

Louis brought me into a hug, "It's alright. You'll find the right time."

"I was supposed to do it on our anniversary, but I don't want to ask her now. She's too upset."

"Instead of asking her to move in, why don't you just take her somewhere. Somewhere nice overseas or something."

I think about it and realise the perfect place I can take her.

"Thank you Lou." I whisper into his shoulder.


Samantha's POV

"He was very understanding about it." I smiled to Shay.

Shay nodded. Most of her attention was on the TV. Family Guy was on. It was her favourite. I got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen to see what was taking the guys so long. I walked in to see them hugging. I laughed, which grabbed their attention. They pulled away from each other quickly and Niall came over to me.

"I, uh... Where's Shay?" Louis asked, obviously embarrassed.

I laughed, "In the lounge room watching Family Guy."

"Yay! My favourite!" He called, running out of the kitchen.

"So, what you guys making?" I asked, leaning on the bench.

"Did I say I was cooking? I meant ordering pizza."

I laughed as Niall walked over to me. He gripped the sides of my thighs and lifted me up onto the bench. He opened my legs so his body could be in between mine. He gave me a passionate kiss, running his hands up my back and in my hair. I laughed between breaths. Niall looked up and gave me a confused look.

"What?" He asked.

"Can I please have meatlovers?"

I jumped off the bench and laughed. Niall grabbed the lower part of my legs and flung me over his shoulder with no effort at all. I tried to get free by kicking, but it was no use. Niall had me tightly locked between his arm and shoulder. He walked me up the stairs and into what I thought would be his room, but he obviously got tired and dropped me onto the couch in the games room instead. He jumped on the couch too, but hovered over me. He looked deeply into my eyes and put his forehead on mine. Suddenly, I felt arms slide up my torso. They stopped just at my armpits and started to tickle me. I arched my back and threw my head back in laughter.

"Stop!" I managed to scream under all the laughing.


Mike's POV

"Where would've she gone?!" Paul yelled at me.

Paul and I never had the same relationship as him and Samantha. He'd always hit me and be ashamed of me because I ended up bisexual.

"I don't know!" I screamed back.

"Bull shit. You would've had to have dropped her off somewhere."

I scoffed and he stormed up to me, putting his hand around my neck and slamming me into the wall. Only five minutes of mum going to the shops and he had already started.

"You'll tell me right fucking now or you're never seeing Troy again."

I shook my head. My sister's safety was more important to me than Troy. He pulled away and gave me a cold stare. Suddenly, I heard keys rattling at the door.

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