What will happen to Samantha's and Niall's relationship now that her mum has made up her mind about moving to California?


12. Author's Note


that was literally the hardest chapter i've EVER written omfg.

it deleted everything i had written like five times and i kept on having to start over again and over and over and it always seemed to be on the big parts where i wrote a lot of dialog just omfg i got so annoyed.

but yeah, it's finally up now:) sorry you guys had to wait so long, i hope it was worth it?

nah it wasn't, that chapter was kinda boring, i admit.

what do you guys reckon is going to happen with samantha? do you think she's going to do it?!? haha comment what you think:)

and thankyou guys so much for all the reads, favourites, likes etc. it really means the world to me you have no idea!!!

but anyway, hope you guys are enjoying this and please also read my other fanfic, strong.

okay well anyway i love you all and byyyye:)

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