cristina is harry styles girlfriend and so one day she gose to take a shower and the boys are play truth or dare and its harry turn and Louis tell him to say a lie so hw say he don't love cristina and cristina heard that and ran out the door what will happen


6. what to do




so I woke up and call harry to see if we r still on for starbucks at two and he said yea so I got up and went to go take a shower when I got out I look for something nice to wear so I got out a a black and gray plated shirt and I grab a white and sliver long selve to put under it and grab my black and gray pants and put on my black and white nike then I brush my hair and look at the time it only 11:30 so I called my best friend kamryn to see how she doing we hadn't really talk that much and ask her if she wanted to come over later and she said yea so we talk a little longer and when we got done it was about 12:00 so I went downstair to see what anouthy doing he was sitting  on the couch so I sat next to him and watch tv and so I just this out of no where and said "were u drunk that night we made out"  and he said "no I wasn't" "so then y did u kiss me" "because I couldn't help myself ever since I met u I wanted to kiss u but I couldn't find the right time and so u were drunk so I took that as my chance to make my move" " y didn't u doing when we were kid there were alots of times when u coulda had kiss me well I got to go met harry at starbucks" " wait your giving harry a third chance aftter last night" we r gonna talk about it bye" and with I walk out the door and I walk to starbuck since it only a block away when I got there I saw harry and went up to him and gave him a friendly hug and we sat down and he had aready got me my  coffe so we talk and jokes and laugh than he said "cristina will u plz........ he didn't even get to finsh what he was gonna say I got up and kiss him i have to be with harry so with he took me home and waited in drive way for me to get my dtuff so me and him could go home together now let just hope he doesn't mess this up which he porbly will some way





do you think  it good should i keep going or what i kinda running out of idea comment some idea u think i should do



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