cristina is harry styles girlfriend and so one day she gose to take a shower and the boys are play truth or dare and its harry turn and Louis tell him to say a lie so hw say he don't love cristina and cristina heard that and ran out the door what will happen


7. me and louis



so today harry,zayn,niall,and liam were going out me and Louis were going home since we both are very the boys are gone and me and Louis are watch the notebook and Louis fell asleep 10min into so I get bored watching it by myself so turn off the telly and go to my like a half hour go by and I look up and see Louis standing by the door looking at me and we were talking for a while when he said "cristina you know I was sad to when you left" "why were sad when I left" "because me and got along great and I missed having you here to mess which when I do it to the boys they get mad with you you don't" "well I missed all of you's and then Louis walk over to my bed and he was staying in front of me and he said " you when I saw yyou at the club I had realiz something" " what did you reailz" I said scare of what he might say next " I reailz how sexy you look and how im in love with you" well I couldn't stay nothing cause he crushed his lips on to my I try to push him off of me but he grab my arms and push me on my where he was on top I try to kick but that was no help at ALL that I felt him let go of one of my arm and he unzip my pants and I try to hit him but him hit me back then I felt him go inside of me and I try to kick,scream anything to get him to stop but nothing would help I had my eyes close the whole time then I felt Louis he was off of me but he got up to quick it would of have took him a few second to get off since he had to push him self off the bed then I heard harry yelling at him and then I heard someone punch someone and after Louis wip out of pain so I guess harry punch him and then he punch him agin agin then I heard the other boys come in try to get harry to stop I craw over the other side of my bed where no one could see and I cried and I felt harry come over and comfort me while thee other boys took Louis and did whateve I could still tell harry was still mad at Louis I was scare I never though in my whole life Louis would do something like to ME but I was wrong I told harry that I wanted to be left alone for a while and he got up and went down stair in the living with the boys HARRRY POV so I went down stair with the other boys and I sat down I wanted to cry but I couldn't let the boys see me if I was talk I would of had just broke down so I just sat there and though wyh would Louis do that to her they were like brother and sister he was sopose to proect her not hurt niall intrupt my train of though and said " is she ok" and with I lost liam came over and and comport me the zany came over to and hugged me and niall did the same and said sorry he shouldn't had ask I could say nothing my crying got in the way but I was going to say its ok you were just wondering how she was doing


soo what do y'all  think is it good or NAH let me know



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