The Bleeding Dagger

A girl, Angel, seeks to find something long lost... perhaps something that has been lost for far too long. After falling from a tree in the middle of the woods, she can't remember what she was doing, or even how she got there. As she stumbles into Canlagos by mere luck, she then realizes that this may be just what she needs to find 'herself'. Though quickly she comes to the conclusion that this town has more than what she first intended for. A mystery to be remembered for ages to come is about to be revealed to her. You, being the reader, will have the sole authority of deciding which of the two paths she will take at the end. (In other words: there will be two different endings that you can choose to follow.) Artwork and Photography by Mitchell Kile.


1. Chapter 1: Prologue

The Bleeding Dagger


     The trees were covered in white, glittering snow, and shining icicles hung from the sleeping branches that were getting ready for the renewal of spring. As I looked up, the swirls of white and black… Oh, how I hate the color black. Often times I wonder why it is even in existence; the color of death: it haunts me. It was like one horrible phantasm to me. It seems greedy to me, taking all that it can only to leave a hole; but white gives everything back in perfect radiance. I suppose that white is just very attractive to a girl like me.

     I began to feel the cold creep down my back as I lay in the snow. I just remember waking up, lying in the snow; though surprisingly, I felt warm and comforted. I began to sit up and looked around with the images still swirling around and trying to gain my focus. I tried to look where I might have come from, but there was not a trace of any footprints. Perhaps I spent the night in the nearest tree and accidentally fell while I was asleep. At least for me, it seemed believable.

     Quickly, I turned to one side as a snapping branch startled me and made my heart begin to throb. My hair fell in front of my eyes; then I remembered, I was cursed with black hair. Many people seem to enjoy how straight and elegant it is, but it’s just a living nightmare always to be with me. I clasped a few strands of my hair and glanced at them. It did flow nicely, and it was very smooth; but why such a shady black? I would have much rather had blonde hair to go with my whitened skin that has a little tan.

     By the time I recollected all my thoughts, I began to shiver. I decided I would just go down the path which seemed to be already prepared for me. I knew no one had passed along here in a while, for the snow was untouched except for the few traces of squirrels and birds looking for something to eat. I stood up and felt very dizzy, so I leaned up against a tree and put my hands on my knees. I looked down toward my ragged clothing which seemed to be stitched far too many times. I’d only be so lucky to get new clothes from… well, whoever would be willing to spare them.

     Finally, I caught my breath and began to feel a little more conscious. I started off down the winding path, needing to catch myself every now and then. Strangely, it seemed like the path was only getting thinner, and everything was blurred. I pushed the overhanging branches out of my way. The ice and snow were chilling my skin; the walk was only becoming more taxing to my body. I began to run through the woods as fast as I could. I found it quite shocking that it was almost easier to run than walk; however, as I ran faster and faster I came to trip on a root sticking out of the ground.

     I slammed down to the ground and scraped my elbow on the bark of a tree. I blushed thinking that someone probably saw me, but I was in the middle of the woods. While I began to get up on my feet again, a date began to burn through my head… June 7th… June 7th… What does that even mean? All I knew was that that date was very important to me. Someway, somehow, that date almost seemed like a part of me. It was like we almost shared something. Well, I had relatively lots of time to prepare; after all, spring didn’t even begin yet. Though it annoyed me that I couldn’t remember what was to happen on that date.

     I continued running through the snow covered woods again, and finally made it to a meadow. The grass wasn’t too high this time of year, but it was high enough to reach just above my ankles. It reached just high enough to be an annoyance to me. I came to the top of a hill and looked out beyond the horizon. The hills were so beautiful with all the snow on top of the trees. It looked like it was another world. In spite of the fact that the wind was a little cold, it was reasonably refreshing to have fresh air blowing in your face. My admiration for this beautiful site quickly came to an end when I noticed that a small town that was nestled in a valley just below me.

     I sprinted downhill to the town as fast as I could. I was glad that I might finally be able to enjoy some warmth. The smoke coming from the one house’s chimney was very promising to me. As I ran down it seemed like the town was getting further and further away from me. I blinked and fell right in front of the inn’s doorway of the town. I tried to get up, but I was out of all my strength. Everything slowly faded away, and I closed my eyes in respite. I watched as a man came running out of the inn and leaned over me… then everything turned black.

… … … …

     My sight slowly came back to me as each slow blink of my eyes made it appear clearer and clearer to me. I woke up in a room lit by a few lights and a candle with a wet cloth on my forehead, and I was on a bed with a blanket over my body. A man, whose back was turned away, was stirring something in a pot over an old oven. It smelled really good in the room with whatever he was cooking. The empty pit in my stomach could really care less what it was.

     The man turned around and saw that I was awake. He had brown hair with a square-like, clean shaven face and was dressed in a nice manner. He said in a gentle tone, “Ah, I see that you’re awake now. You really had us scared; we weren’t sure if you were going to wake up.” I was still just staring at him, but he gave a smile and continued, “You look hungry, no?”

     My face blushed, and I just nodded at him while I tried to get up. “No, no, no,” He said as he came rushing over to tuck me back into the bed. “You should just rest for now. It looks as if you’ve been doing things by yourself long enough.” He put some soup into a bowl and brought it over to the bed.

     I began to sip the soup with the spoon, and the man brought a wooden stool next to me and sat down. He looked into my dark, black eyes which were surrounded by my assortment of freckles and broke the silence, “I can tell that you’re not from around here. You care to tell where you’re from miss?”

     I looked down to my bowl of soup and replied, “Well, I don’t know.”

     “That’s all right, you don’t have to tell me everything.”

     “No,” I paused and looked at his face, “I mean: I don’t know where I’m from.”

     “Oh,” he showed a look of astonishment in his face but then asked, “Well, then you must have parents?”

     “I don’t think so… I woke up in the woods with no one around me. Then I just ran into this place.”

     The man nodded then leaned forward, “My name is Henry, and I’m the innkeeper of Canlagos.” He reached out his hand, which I just stared at in confusion. “Just a greeting, but anyway, may I know who you are?”

     I tilted my head sideways and said bewildered, “Who I am?”

     “Yes miss, as in your name.”

     “Oh, right,” I paused and looked up to the ceiling, “My name is…I’m…” I thought to myself, ‘Oh gosh, I can’t even remember my own name!’ Quickly, I looked to the man again and answered, “Yes, my name is Angel.”

     Henry nodded and seeing that my bowl was empty, went to fill it with more soup. “So if you want to stay here at Canlagos, then Raguel would be willing to take you in... again, that’s if you want to. He’s our pastor at the church just across the street. Personally, I think he’s just the man for you.”

     He walked back to me and gave me the bowl again. I looked up to him and gave him a smirk, “Thank you, and I would very much like to go if you say Raguel is willing to let me.”

     After I finished my soup and filled my empty stomach. Henry and I conversed throughout the night until he practically forced me to go to sleep and rest. I turned to the side, and I held the plaid covers close to my heart and began to drift away into my world. It felt like it has been a long time since I could rest, knowing that I would be safe as I did so.


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