Broken Soul

"And as we got older, the monsters crept from under our beds to inside our heads."


1. Broken Soul

A small welp, a small tear,

Escape my eyes, something I fear.

I crouch down on the ground below,

I stay high for the world is so low.

An unimaginable pain shoots through me,

My skin is torn, it's cut so deep.

Yet from my eyes as the tears escape,

I crawl back up, grab my blade.




I tear my skin open.




I fall back down, hoping

That maybe my despair will end somehow,

And it might happen anytime now.

No one could hear my screams for help,

They couldn’t save me, nor could I save myself.

So beneath my beautiful mask,

Stood an ugly hell, a spell it casts.

Under that pretentious, fake core,

Lies my broken and tattered soul.

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