Midnight Memories

Gianazel... Or as everybody calls her, Gigi... Is kicked out of the house by her parents because of a little thing that will change her entire life. She and her new friend Diana have a plan to find this guy who changed her life so much. Who is he? Will he believe them or think shes just a crazed fan?


2. The Start Of Something New

I sped away. The only place that always seems to calm me down isn't too far. Maybe a few minutes. I quickly hop off and grab my stuff to head into the nice restaurant. "Ah! Gigi! Welcome back!" John the owner said. I guess you can say I come here often! "Oh you don't look so good.. Want to talk about it?" He said sitting us at a booth. "No. But thank you John. I'm just not in the mood." I say looking down. "Well I know just the thing to cheer you up. Go on stage baby girl! The floor is yours!" He said. He really is like a father to me. The one I never had. My actual parents never had any interest in music. That's why I had to hide what I love best from them. "Really?!" I asked in utter shock. "Of course! Go ahead!" He said. And with that he left. I go to the door that says backstage and go inside. Ok.. Piano or guitar?! I always go with my guitar. I'll play piano once in a while but not this time. What song is the question now. How about... Half a heart! By one direction. It's one of my favorite songs from them. I strap on my guitar and before I could go out there, I hear johns voice. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I have a very good friend of mine that's going to preform in a few minutes. She's new to you guys but I promise you shes the best! May I present to you....Gianazel Sparks!" He said into the mic. Wow I got my own introduction too! I step out to where the people say me and the clapping died down. "Hi everyone! Um I hope you enjoy!" I said with a big smile. Everyone's eyes were on me. Young and old. I start strumming the chords. "So your friends been telling me you've been sleeping with sweater. And that you can't stop missing me. Bet my friends been telling you. I'm not doing much better. Cause I'm missing half of me. And being here without you is like I'm waking up to.. Only half a blue sky kinda there but not quite. I'm walking around with just one shoe. I'm half a heart without you. I'm Half a man at best. With half an arrow in my chest. I miss everything we do. I'm half a heart without you. Forget all we said that night. No it doesn't even matter. Cause we both got slips into two. If you can spare an hour or so. Well go for lunch down by the river. We can really talk it through. And being here without you. Is like I'm waking up to.. Only half a blue sky.. Kinda there but not quite. I'm walking around with just one shoe. I'm half a heart without you. I'm half a man at best with half an arrow in my chest. Cause I miss everything we do. I'm half a heart without you. Half a heart without you. I'm half a heart without you. Though I try to get ya out of my head. The truth is I got lost without you. And since then I've been waking up to.. Only half a blue sky. Kinda there but not quite. I'm walking around with just one shoe. I'm half a heart without you. I'm half a man at best. With half an arrow in my chest. I miss everything we do. I'm half a heart without you. Without you. Without you. Half a heart without you. Without you without you. I'm half a heart without you." I sang. I think I did ok for the first time playing for an audience. I soon heard clapping and a few people standing up to give me an applause. "Thank you guys for your time! Hope you enjoyed it." I said smiling. "Wait!" Someone shouts. I look up but don see anyone I recognize. "Can you play a few more?" A girl around my age asked handing me a wad of money. "I'd be happy too! But here keep your money!" I say trying to hand it to her. "Don't worry about it. And I want you to play for my birthday. So umm.. I guess I'll get your number later." Was all she said as she went back to sit down with her parents. I didn't even look at the money. I just stuffed in in my backpack. "Looks like I'll be here for a while." I say laughing. Soon I go through about 10 more songs. "Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it!" I say into the mic before leaving the stage. Wow. I think that was the happiest I felt since the we won the cheer championship. "You did great!" John said coming towards me with open arms. "Oh and here's your pay!" He said handing me an envelope. "John no!" I say handing it back to him. "It's not much but we want to hire you for every Saturday and Sunday? Maybe even Friday nights?" He said asking me. Wow. This can really be a good start on getting myself back on my feet. "Ok thank you john! I won't let you down!" I say hugging him. " great! See you tomorrow then!" He said walking in the kitchen. Soon the girl that came on stage earlier came up to me. "Your like amazing! I'm like a huge one direction fan and I hate people singing their songs because their never as good but you... You were really good!" She said hugging me. I laughed. "Well thank you!" I said hugging her back. "Ok so my birthday party is next Friday! It's my 18th birthday so it's gonna be big and great! And I've been trying to find a band but your just as good! I have my brother who can play drums so he'll be there and my other brother plays electric guitar. I'm sure that's good enough! So are you in?!" She asked excitedly. "Of course!" I say also exited. "Ok good! I'll pay you 100$ an hour. Hope that's not too cheap..." She said embarrassed. My mouth dropped to the floor. "Um not at all! That's great! Here's my number. Text me any songs you want or anything you need. " I say writing my number down on a piece of paper. "Awesome! Thank you so much!" She said walking back to her parents telling them the great news. Wow. Ok so now where am I goi to stay?! I have some money saved up. I was saving for a car but my parents got it for me already. I have about.....170,000. Yeah I know. Since they got me the car I kept saving just in case. I think I can by a house....

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