Midnight Memories

Gianazel... Or as everybody calls her, Gigi... Is kicked out of the house by her parents because of a little thing that will change her entire life. She and her new friend Diana have a plan to find this guy who changed her life so much. Who is he? Will he believe them or think shes just a crazed fan?


6. Surprise

GIanazel's POV

"Surprise!" People screamed as i opened the front door to my house. "Woah!" I said looking at all the people in the living room. "Surprise! We heard from our good friend Diana that you are having my sons baby!" Im guessing that was Niall's mom. "How sweet of you Diana to plan all of this! And yes, Niall is the daddy!!" I said hugging him. "How come you didnt tell us that you had a girlfriend?! You hid this from us for two years?!?" His dad asked. " I was just a bit nervous I guess. I mean shes the first girlfriend i've had in a while and i really like her but i didnt want the whole world knowing because i knew she would get hate.. But even if i had just told you guys.. the people would have found out sooner. But now i realize that i don just like this girl. I love her to the moon and back." He said looking at me. I felt tears coming. Stupid pregnancy hormones!! "I love you too babe." I say kissing him for the first time in a while. "Awwwww!" Everyone cooed. "Well let me introduce you to the big ole family. This is my mum and dad." He said presenting them to me. "Hi. Im Gianazel Sparks! It's very nice to finally meet you!" I say. "Oh yes indeed it is! Your so beautiful honey! And wow.. i can see you make my son so happy. Thats all a mother could as for right?! She said hugging me. "Yes indeed. You git yourself a nice young lady son." His dad said hugging me as well. They are so nice! "Ok now this is Harry Styles!" Niall said. "Yeah i know who you are! Nice to meet you!" I say. "So you r a fan huh?" He asked. "Duh! I met you guys at a meet and greet and while we were taking the picture, this little guy stuck a piece of paper in my pocket!  It had a little message saying to meet up with him after the concert. and it had his number on it too! It was adorable." I say making it all up in my head. "Oh yeah i remember now!" Harry said..Im sure you do buddy. "Well Niall, Im glad you finally found your princess! And congrats on the one coming!" He said hugging both of us. "Thanks mate, and this is Louis!" "Hello! Im Louis! And i think you and Niall are so cute! Your babies are going to come out so cute!" He said. "Ummm..BabieS?!" I say. Thats more than one baby... "Oh yeah! Didnt you know?!? I can tell if your gonna have a girl and a boy and everything!And your having both! I feel it!" He said rubbing my tummy. I just look at the other boys. "Trust him, he knows what hes talking about!" Harry said with a serious face."Well see if Dr.Thommo is right after all!" i said laughing. "Ok well its present time!!" Zayn shouted excitedly. "Presents?" I asked in confusion. "This is your surprise baby shower after all!" Liam said pulling me towards the table with a few gifts on them. "Oh wow! You guys didnt have to.." I said looking at all the gifts. "Honey, you are basically part of the family now! Of course we want to!" Maura said hugging me. "thank you guys! This means alot, i mean you guys are literally the closest people i have for a family." i said tearing up. "Honey, we are always here when you need us!" Diana said. I nodded. "Ok enough with the sentimental stuff! Open my present first!" Louis yelled handing me a present. "Oki dokie lets see what Uncle Louis gave us!" I said looking at niall. "C'mon babe! These are your presents too! i mean they are your kids!" I said smiling. he pulled up a chair beside me. "Aww look babe!" I said holding up a pink onsie and a blue onsie. On the front it said 'i love Uncle Louis the most!' in white stitching. "Aww these are adorable!" niall said looking at them. "Thank you Louis! Im sure they'll love it." I said putting them back in the bag. "Hey i better be their favorite!" Louis said laughing. "Of course!" i said laughing as well. "Ok mines next!" Liam said handing me his present. "Ok here Niall, you open this one!' I said handing it to him. "umm oh ok!" He said a little exited. He took the tissue out and grabbed 2 pairs of Nike hightops from the bag! But they were literally the size of our fingers!"Liam these are perfect! Thanks mate!' niall said huggin him. "Look the black and blue is for the little lad, and the white and sparkles is for the little lady!" Liam said pointing them out. "Thank you Liam, they are really cute!" I said hugging him too. "Ok mines next!" Zayn said handing me the gift box. I opened it and inside were two pacifiers. One was pink that said Uncle Zayn's Princess, and the blue said Uncle Zayn's best buddy. "These are too cute!" I said laughing. The box still had more so i handed those to Niall. I grabbed the rest and the outfits were too adorable! The boys was some levis jeans, a read button up shirt and a little leather jacket! Our son will be in style for sure!! The other outfit was a pink and purple tutu with a white tank that had sparkles at the top. "Zayn, you are defiantly going baby clothes shopping with me!" i said for reals. "hey, if your going to have kids, might as well have them in style!" he said shrugging. we said our thank yous but there was still a couple left. "Ok this is from Uncle harry!" Harry said handing me two bags. i gave one to Niall so he can open one too. "MIne has a box of condoms...." Niall said turning red. "hey that way theres not an oops again!" Harry said laughing along with everyone else. "Aww mine has two giftcards.. one for babies R us and one for Toys R Us!" I said taking them out. "Thanks Harry!" I said laughing. "Anytime!" He said winking. "Ok we'll give you your present when the time comes!" Maura said. "Its kind of something you need in the baby room, so when you two get started on decorating call me ok?!" She said smiling, "Of course! Thank you mum for comming down here! It means a lot!" Niall said embracing her. "Anything for my little boy!" She said kissing his head. "we'll were off back home! Nice to see all of you again!" Maura said as she closed the door behind her. "Ok my gift to you, is..." Diana said "A double stroller!" She said pullung out a pice of paper that had the picture of the stroller on it. "Its on its way now, should be here in a few days, but i just wanted to help you out there! You'll always need a stroller!" Diana said. "Thank you so much girl!" I said hugging her. "Yeah thanks a lot Diana!" Niall said joining our hug. "GROUP  HUG!" Louis screamed. soon we felt all the boys surround us. "well this is nice." Harry said with his eyes closed. 'very!" Liam said. "OK i think thats enough group hugs!" I said trying to get out of it. "Fine!" Louis said letting go. "So what now?!" Zayn asked sitting on his couch. "well Gianazel, im off to work! Keep in touch ok?!" Diana said grabbing her purse. "Will do chica!" I said waving. She left in a jiffy and it was just me, and one direction. "Gigi! How do you work the tv?!" Liam yelled. "Ummm thats the remote to the DVD player Liam.." I said laughing. "Psssh i knew that!" He said setting it down awkwardly. I turned on the tv and that stupid celebrity news channel was on. "Seems to me that this girl and Niall have been getting quiet comfortable together! Him living in her house?! That sound pretty serious to me! Sorry girls, but i think Niall Horan is taken, FOR GOOD! back to you Ryan with todays celed news." The lady said. "wow, i guess this is saying good-bye to my privatelife huh?" I said chuckling. "welcome to our world! The fans will know everything about you, weather you like it of or not!" Louis said. "Yeah! They claim to know our dick size!" Harry blurted out. "Oh yeah i read that online somewhere.. Liam's is supposed to be like, gigantic.." I said laughing. "Hey! Let the fans think what they want!" Liam said blushing. "Whatever! Ok so what are we dong today?!?!" I asked. "I HAVE AN IDEA!" Louis shouted. "Louis, why are you always shouting?!" I asked covering my ears. "Um, so that you can hear me!" He said in a duh voice. "we can hear you loud and clear!" I said still covering my ears. "GOOD!" He screamed again. "Baby make him stop!" I said fake pouting. NIall nodded and went to his room. "Looks like your baby isnt here to rescue your ears after all!" LOuis said. before he could say another word, Niall came up from behind him and placed a pice of duct tape on his mouth. "Good one love!" I said laughing. "Mmmmh mmh mh mmmmmh!" Louis said. "Sorry lou! I cant hear you!" Harry said shrugging. "mmmmh! mmh! mh! mmmmmh!" e said again. "Lets just leave him hear to doe!" Zayn said running outside. "Right behind you!" Liam said running out too. "Dont worry mate! Im here to save you!" Harry said gripping the edge of the tape. Louis eyes got wide as he tried to say stop. "OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!" He screamed as harry ripped the tape off. "That really hurt!" He said rubbing his mouth. "I was just trying to save you from dying!" Harry said trying to keep a straight face. "Whatever, your not my boo anymore! Gigi! I declare you as my new boo ok?!" He said sassily. "Got it! I said sitting next to him. "Boo? Lets have a movie day yeah?" He said putting his arm around me. "Hands off my girl!" Niall yelled while tackiling Louis to the floor. Playfully...not for reals! "Tap out Luis!" Niall said sitting on his face. "Hey! Thats my job! harry said pushing Niall out of the way and sitting on Louis. "You guys are weird.." I said as Niall sat down next to me. "But thats why you love me right?" Niall whispered in my ear. it sent shivers down my whole body. "Of course.." I said kissing him. "Why cant I have a girlfriend like that?!" Harry said interupting our moment. "Maybe because youre weird... ever think about that?" I said laughing. "No, im pretty sure im sexy!" He said rolling his eyes. "yeah whatever you say!" I said rolling my eyes too. "Hey wheres Liam and zayn?!" niall asked looking around. "They left Louis to die!" I said honestly. "No, i know that. but they arnt here...anywhere!" He said checking outside. "Let me call them!" Harry said. It was on speacker. "Harry! You have to help us!" Zayns scared voice said. "If you want to hear from your two freinds again, i want 50,000 dollars in my hand in 3 days. Times ticking." I dark and deep voice said before hanging up. "What. The Hell." Louis said with a worried look in his face. "We have to help them." Niall said. I can feel the tears coming. "Gigi, i want you to stay here, i dont want you or the babies getting hurt ok? We're going to go take this into the police station. I love you." Niall said kissing me. "I want to go! They are my friends too!" I said getting up. "I understand, but i dont want to risk it and you getting hurt. I dont think i can live without you." Niall said tearing up. "And i cant live without you either! Im going wheather you like it or not. I said gwgetting up. I grabbed my keys and hoped on my motorcycle. "Are you guys coming?" I asked the boys. "We'll be right behind you." Louis said getting into his car with the other boys. What the fuck is going on?!  Who was that guy on the phone?! Why us?!

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