Midnight Memories

Gianazel... Or as everybody calls her, Gigi... Is kicked out of the house by her parents because of a little thing that will change her entire life. She and her new friend Diana have a plan to find this guy who changed her life so much. Who is he? Will he believe them or think shes just a crazed fan?


5. A Day Out

Nialls POV

I know I should be freaking out that I'm going to be a father. But honestly maybe that's just what I need in life. I need the people I love to help me settle down. I have the best job in the world. Don't get me wrong. But the breaks I have I want to spend it nice and relaxed. With family. I already woke up and found myself firmly hugging Gianazel by her waist. I didn't move because I was scared I was going to awake her. Shes so beautiful. I wonder when shes going to the doctors next! "Niall?" She asked confused. I chuckled. "Yes love?" I replied. She rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms out. "So it wasn't a dream!" She exclaimed excitedly. "Not at all. What would you like for breakfast?!" I asked getting out of bed. "I'll make some pancakes yeah?" She asked getting out as well. "I asked you what you wanted. Your not making breakfast today!" I say pushing her back down on the bed. "I'll help just a little? Maybe I'll make us some bacon!" She says trying to get up again. "Gianazel.. I got this." I say winking. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. I only had shorts on so I won't get that dirty making breakfast. I walked out if the bathroom and found the bed empty. Huh. I walked out if the room and found Gigi making breakfast. "I told you I was gonna make breakfast!" I say. I grabbed a little bit of flour in my hand and threw it at her. "Hey what was that for?!" She yelled throwing some in my face. I wiped it away from my eyes. "That was for making breakfast. And this is for being so damn cute!" I say throwing more flour at her. She gasped. "Well that was for thinking I wouldn't make breakfast and this is just because I want to!" She yells throwing an egg at my midsection. It cracked open and it ran down my belly. "Did you really just do that?" I asked grabbing some eggs. "Hey you started it!!" She yells going into the bedroom. I catch her and crack an egg on her head. "Now were even!" I yell. She rolled her eyes. "This calls for a picture!" She says running to the full length mirror. I stand next to her throwing out the west side sign. "Ah this is so cute! I'm instagraming this thing!" She said excitedly. "Hey don't forget to tag me! I'll make sure to follow you!" I say running towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I go in my phone and find her and click follow. I soon see her post the picture. 'We are such a mess.... But at least were cute right?!' Is what the caption said. I quickly click on comment. 'You bet were cute. Especially with those eggs. They make us look irresistible!' I post. I hear her laugh in the other room. Soon I hear her phone blow up. "Wow someone popular!" I yell flipping a pancake. "Not really. It's all the popular girls at school texting me saying they want to hang out. It's weird though. Because they always laugh at me and shove me while I'm in the hallway." She said honestly. "Love don't fall into their trap. Just tell them you don't want to. In fact I'll tell them!" I said grabbing her phone. I call one of the girls. "Gigi. Your joking right? Because a guy like him would never ever like a girl like you. He likes girls more like me. Girls that are actually pretty!" Was what the girl that picked up said immediately. "Well I'll have you know. That she's not joking. I'm actually here at her new house with her. I'll be staying with her for a while. And just to clear things up. She's all I look for in a gal. She's beautiful and caring and she has an amazing personality. Plus shes a fun person. I however don't like girls who shut people down. Girls that say they are so much better than other girls are the worst. I can never see myself liking a girl like that." I say looking into Gigi's eyes. Every word I said. I meant. "Oh H-h-hi Niall. That's just how I talk to Gigi. Like bestfriends do DUH! Because Gigi is my bestfriend and I love her and she's pretty but I'll tell you I'm way prettier!" She said excitedly. "That's where your wrong. It's not all that matter on the outside. It's the inside too. And I can tell that your inside isn't as beautiful as it can be. I'm sorry but I'm going to hang up now so I can be with the girl I fell for." I said hanging up. "Niall you just reject one of the most prettiest girls I know.." Gigi said looking down. "No I didn't. Because she's right here in front of me." I say looking down at her. She blushes. She always finds a way to get cuter. "Well what do you want to do today?" She asked changing the subject. "Well after we eat breakfast.. We can go watch a movie! Like at the theater. I haven't been there in a while." I say putting the tray of pancakes on the table. "That sounds perfect! Um what movie?" She asked digging into her food. "Um how about anchor man two?!" I hear it's really funny!" I say remember what my friends back home said. "Ok yeah! Let me look at the times.." She said going in her phone to look it up. "There's one at 11:30 and the next one is at 12:45" she said. I though for a bit. It's about 9:00. "11:30 sounds good yeah?" I asked. She smiled. "Yeah that sounds perfect!" She said. Great. Hopefully I won't get mobbed like every time I go out. And now that they know I'm hanging out with Gigi they're going to want details. And I'll give it to them. "Well thank you for the amazing breakfast!" She said washing her plate. "No problem. But I do think the chef needs a little something!" I say winking. She smiles and leans in. I close my eyes waiting for her lips on mine. I feel her breath. Then I feel her lips on my cheek. "Thank you chef!" She said laughing. What a tease! "That was not cool!" I say laughing. She tools her eyes as she smiled. "Alright well I'm going to go get ready!" She said walking to her room. "Alright babe. I'm gonna go see how the weather is outside." I said walking to the front door. I open it and feel a nice breeze. Not too cold not too hot. "NIALL! Niall! Niall! What are you doing in this house?! Who's house is it?! Are you two together? How long has it been?!" The paps all yelled. Ugh really?! "Her name is Gianazel Sparks!" I yell annoyed. I closed the door and locked it. Why are they always following me?! Now they're gonna go on the Internet and look her up. Great. "Niall! Are you ready?!" Gianazel yelled. I instantly smiled at the sound of her voice. "Almost!" I yell back. I quickly change into something casual. "Alright let's go!" I say. She came out of the room looking beautiful as always. She was wearing a beautiful dress. "Um a dress and your riding a motorcycle?" I asked. She laughed. "Well that's because your driving today!" She yelled. "W-what?" I asked shocked. "Yeah. It's not hard. You'll see!" She says throwing the keys to me. I caught them and stared at them for a bit. "Alright let's go!" I yell. The paps were still out. They kept asking us questions. I got on the motorcycle on my own first. I pulled out of the driveway. "Hop on babe!" I yelled over the noise of the engine. She smiled. She got on crossing her legs on the side of it. I bet the girls are going to freak over me on a motorcycle! I drive to the theater with Gianazel giving me directions. "Not bad for a beginner!" She said surprised. "Yeah I guess I'm just a natural badass." I say winking. "Yeah suuuuuuure!" She said sarcastically. "Alright let's go!" I said ignoring her sarcasm. We got to the ticket booth without people noticing. "OMG your Gianazel Sparks! And that means that your Niall horan!" The ticket lady said. "Um hi! How do you know my name?" Gigi asked. "Oh um your kinda trending on twitter. And it's all over the Internet.. Don't worry though. I won't call anyone. Um you guys are just normal people. I'll just pretend like you weren't here... But can I get your autographs?!" The girl said. "Oh thank you so much! We're just trying to see a a movie! God bless you! And yeah totally." I say grabbing her piece of paper and pen. I signed it and handed it back to her. "Oh and you too Gianazel!" She said handing it back to Gigi. "Oh ok! What's your name sweetie?" Gigi asked. "Oh um I just forgot my name... Oh yeah it's Emily! Emily Johnson." She said. Gigi wrote a quick little note on the paper as she signed it. "There you go! And two tickets for anchor man two please!" Gigi said taking her wallet out. "What do you think your doing?!" I asked. "Um I'm paying for the tickets why?" She said totally confused. "Because I'm paying for it. Don't worry about it!" I said quickly giving my card to Emily. "That's so sweet!" She said. "Well then I guess I'm paying for the food then!" She said running inside. Emily quickly gave me my tickets so I can catch up to her. She ended up paying for it because the cash register person was a guy and he was totally flirting with her. "Alright on to the movies!" She shouted. We got weird looks but we don't care! We got there and surprisingly only Emily noticed. The movie started and the lights went off. I was whispering something to Gianazel. "Um excuse me!" The girls behind us said. I turned around. "Yes?" I asked. Their faces went white. "Nevermind..." She said nervously. Gianazel chuckled. I put my arm over her shoulders and she cuddled into me. "OMG it's Gigi!" One of the girls whispered shouted. Gianazel turned around. "Hi girls.. I'd love to sit and chat but were just trying to see a movie. Can you guys try to keep it down?" Gigi said. They all just nodded. We went through the whole movie without interruptions. We had our good laughs! Will Farrell is like a god when it comes to comedy! "That was hilarious!" Gianazel said as we got up. "That really was! I'm glad you liked it." I said hugging her. "Um... Excuse me?" The same girl from earlier said. "Yes Darlin?" Gianazel said. "I just wanted to apologize for earlier. And I wanted to ask if I can get a picture with each of you?" She asked. "No worries love, and of course!" I say taking her phone. We took some pictures with her. "Thank you guys so much! Oh and I kind of tweeted that you guys were here so I'm sorry if there's a lot of people outside...." She said running off. "Oh now you she tells us!" I say. "It's ok babe. We need to make it look like we've been together for a long time. Like I'm your secret girlfriend. That way when they see my belly they won't think wrong." She says. Oh yeah! Shes a smart one. "Your right. Well I guess we should answer some if their questions today. Ok first we've been together for two years ok? And we met at a concert. You had a VIP pass and that where we met! And after that we just fell in love. And our anniversary date is May 23. How does that sound?" I say making this up all in my head. "Perfect!" She said smiling. Ok so we walk out and as usual there's all the paps and screaming girls. I take Gianazel's hand in mine as we walk out. "Niall! Is this Gianazel Sparks?!" One guy asked. I stopped and let them crowd me. "Yes it is." I answer. Once they saw I was answering their questions all of them chimes in. "Ok one at a timz!" I say to make them stop. "Are you guys a couple?" Another shouts. "Yes we are!" I say kissing her head. The girls scream! "How long?!" Someone else asked. "It's been about two years." Gigi said for the first time. "What?! How come we didn't know about tuhis?!" A girl asked. "Because. Niall saw what the other boys girlfriends were getting from the fans. All the hate and he didn't want me to go through that. He's just a sweetheart." Gigi says. "Since when have you guys been together?!" "May 23 2011" I say remembering it's been two years. "How did you two meet?!" Another guy asked. "Um I actually went to both of their tour concerts here in town but on the Take Me Home tour I got a VIP pass. And at the meet and greet I was just really exited and we just clicked there. He asked me to dinner that night and we just hit it off really good. And look at us now!" Gigi said. All the girls screamed. And After that I said no more questions and we left as quickly as possible. I finally pulled into her driveway. "Well that was interesting!" She said getting off. "Tell me about it!" I said ruffling her hair. I don't mind the fans. But when the paps take pictures and make up stories it bugs me a lot. "Alright so I guess we can just chill!" Gianazel said unlocking her door. "SURPRISE!" Oh god...

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