Christmas Wish

All Olivia ever wished for is to meet Louis Tomlinson. He was her first love that she thought about day and night. For Christmas her mother got her tickets to see One Direction. What will she do when she sees Louis? (I SUCK AT THESE!)


5. Chapter 5


We heard the door slam and we all turned.

"I found our little spy. This is Olivia"

It was her.

"Harry what is wrong with you?" Niall said

"Ha dude she looks scared" Zayn laughed.

She just looked at us with wide eyes.

"why are you here Olivia?" Harry asked her.

"well my birthday just passed, and your c-concert is here, and I saw the p-picture on Twitter


"I understand" I cut her off.

She looked up at me like I was the most amazing this she had ever seen.

She was beautiful...

"Since you're coming to the show..would you like to sit in the front row?" Harry asked.

"um..yes. Oh my god yes!"

He obviously had some type of thing for her.

"so you're a fan?" Liam asked. She just quickly nodded yes.

"who's your favorite?" I asked looking at Harry.

"umm...L-Louis" Harry quickly looked back at me, giving me the evil eye.

"that might change love" he said to her.

"I don't think she will" I said and Harry rolled his eyes



I feel like they're fighting over my love

and im enjoying this. I swear im dreaming. This cant be happening.

I am not here with one direction.

"so. Olivia. Whens your birthday? Maybe I can get you something?"

"I-it was the December 24th" I looked at Louis the same time he looked at me.

"We have the same birthday" He smiled

"I know"

An hour of asking me questions went by and my broken phone started ringing.

It was my mom.

"Liv where are you?"

"you're not gonna believe me if I tell you."

"well...just come back"

"ok, ok im coming"

I hung up and looked at them.

"I have to go back, my mom is looking for me"

"we can walk you back" Liam said

I didn't respond so they just got up.

"come on" Harry said, putting his arm around me. "and im still buying you a new phone"

"oh um...thankyou" I said looking down. Just then Louis took my phone.

"what are you-"

"that's my number" He smiled. We walked up to my door and they all said goodbye.

They're lucky no one was in the hall. I walked in, ran in my room, locked the door,

and screamed! If this is a dream I hate my imagination!


(my internet was off for like a month so..haha)

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