Christmas Wish

All Olivia ever wished for is to meet Louis Tomlinson. He was her first love that she thought about day and night. For Christmas her mother got her tickets to see One Direction. What will she do when she sees Louis? (I SUCK AT THESE!)


4. Chapter 4


right when I walk outside the van

pulls off. Maybe because a bunch of crazy chicks

came running towards it. I knew it was them,

it had to be! I looked both ways, and saw there was

a passage going around the hotel. Maybe they went that

way. Or maybe they didn't...screw it im going!

I ran around the hotel and there was the van! See im smart:)

I hid behind a wall watching the van. I know it seems

stalkerish but what would you do if you were close to meeting

one direction? Huh? Exactly! Then..just heart stopped.

Zayn..The Zayn Malik got out of the van. I felt like running and jumping

into his arms but security or whoevers in the van would pull me off,

but then I would end up hurting whoever touched me, and someone would

have to call the police. Then followed Niall...Liam...Harry and.....LOUIS!!!!

Just then I swear Harry's eyes met mine and I quickly ran behind the wall.



"hey whos there!?" Harry yelled.

"what are you talking about?" Zayn asked.

"I swear I just saw a girl. She was hot *hesitation*

but she was watching us!"

I wonder if it was the girl from in front of the hotel.

"fine you don't believe me? I'll go check myself"

"harry c'mon!" I yelled but he continued walking.



I heard Harry's footsteps get closer and closer.

"come out, come out wherever you are." He whispered.

"Harry we'll be inside, join us when you're done being creepy!"

I heard Niall shout. I saw Harry's fingers creep around the wall.

I got closer to the dark corner. He continued walking past me.

But then the worst happened. I dropped my phone and it made a really

loud noise. OMFG! Just then harry turned around. He got closer to where

I was standing. I couldn't take just watching him so I pinned him against the wall.

"who are you?!"

"shhhh. Don't be so loud im not gonna hurt you...I cant."

Just when I said that he flipped us over, and

now I was being pinned on the wall.

"I know that. Who are you?" he asked a little more calmly.

"I-im Olivia"

"do I scare you Olivia?" He smirked eyeing me up and down.

He's checking me out..Harry Styles is checking me out!!!


"you're lying...would you like to come with me?"

I just nodded. He let me go and grabbed my phone. He handed it

to me and I saw that it was cracked...really bad.

"i'll buy you a new one" Harry said looking at my phone. He grabbed my arm

and pulled me inside. This is not happening! I have to be dreaming!

I cant breath!



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