Christmas Wish

All Olivia ever wished for is to meet Louis Tomlinson. He was her first love that she thought about day and night. For Christmas her mother got her tickets to see One Direction. What will she do when she sees Louis? (I SUCK AT THESE!)


3. Chapter 3


We're here! Boston...FINALLY!

My mom was checking us into the hotel while

I was stuck with...Haley.



"who's one direction?..scratch that who's Louis Tomlinson

and why do you loooove him so much. I heard you guys have

the same birthday..are you guys like...long lost twins or

something? Any why-" I cut her off.

"1. you my friend are the definition of annoying! and 2. you did not

just say who is Louis Tomlinson, and the rest of one direction...

Have you seen my room you little carrot!?"

"Well girls at school talk about them a lot, and most of the boys say they're

gay. Is that true?" she asked.

"what the hell!? No! Tell those little twats from your school your big

sister said they can shove a hundred potato's up their-"

"Olivia, Haley. Come on lets go to our room." my mom shouted towards us.

"This conversation isn't over" I told Haley.

We walked into the room we're staying in..not big but not too small. I can live with it

...for a couple of hours.

*story of my life ringtone* I checked my phone and it was a Twitter notification.

Louis tweeted! I checked it and it was a picture hotel?

(tweet: Our home..for now I guess) hotel! I looked

out the window and saw a black van in front of the hotel. "hey um mom!?"

"yes Liv?"

"i'll be back in a sec"

"where are you-"

Before she could finish I was out the door. I walked outside and the van was still there.

They quickly rolled the windows had to be them! Before I could get closer

more and more girls were surrounding the van.


"I'm boooooored!" Zayn yelled.

"Boston isn't suppose ta be boring!"

"Have you ever even been to Boston?" Harry asked.

" But I know its not suppose to be boring!"

"Zayn stop whining!" Niall yelled from the back. "I cant sleep for 2 minutes without

you filling the car with your voice!"

"Its not a car Horan its a van!" Zayn yelled from the front.

"I don't care Malik!"

"will both of you shut up! Lets play truth or dare or something, anything!" Liam yelled.

"truth or dare?"

"is there a problem Harry?" Liam asked

"no. But im not going first."

"Fine Louis truth or dare?"


"I dare you to tweet a picture of the hotel we're staying in"

I didn't think it was the smartest thing to do but I didn't care, I did it anyway

only a couple seconds later a girl walked out of the hotel. She was pretty. She stared straight  at the van. I actually wanted to talk to her but then more and more girls came running.

"Roll up the windows!" The driver yelled.

"don't worry, we can get in through the back" Liam said.

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