No words

"Why wont you speak?"


8. I love you

Louis's pov:

I knew that I had to tell Harry that loved him sooner or later. Only I couldn't bring my self to face him. I mean we haven't talked in a long time so why would he  want to talk to me now? I was siting in my car waiting out side of Harry's house. I wanted to go up to his door and knock on it. I wanted to stop him form shutting the door when he saw me at least long enough to tell him that I loved him so much.

Then it hit me I could send him something to tell him that I loved him. I stayed up all night making him a collage I really hoped he would look at it and like it. This is how it came out when it done:

I was going to send it in the mail but I was afraid that he would never get it. So i went to his house and rang the door bell left the picture and left. The only thing that I could hope for was that he would go out side and see it. I wrote a message on the back for him to.


Dear Harry

I know that were not talking right now. In fact I don't know if you will ever want to talk to me or if your reading this right now. What I do know is that I still love you. I will always love you more than Eleanore. In fact I would leave her in a heart beat if it meant that you would take me back. Their is not one day that I don't think about what I said to you. I think about that day every night and let you know that if I could take those words back I would do it in a heart beat.

If you get this letter and picture Harry I love you so much Harry! Please talk to me I need you right now. If you don't believe me ask our fans or the lads they'll all tell you that im madly in love with you.




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