No words

"Why wont you speak?"


2. He called

Louis's pov:

Today was the best day ever. I was meeting Niall and Zayn up for lunch. We invited Liam but he said he couldn't come. I took my phone out and texted Niall to find out when they would be here.

*Text message*

Niall: Hey (yesterday)

Louis: Hey niall just checking about today?

Niall: Hey Louis yea were still on me and Zayn are getting ready to go right now.

Louis: Okay cool were are we going?

Niall: Idk hang on ill ask Zayn....

Louis: K

Niall: Back he said it's a surprise and that were picking you up :)

Louis: O boy a surprise! I love a good surprise!

Niall: lol who doesn't.

Louis: Word :P

I put my phone down and went to get ready. They could be here any minute now.


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