No words

"Why wont you speak?"


6. He called me

Louis's pov:

I looked up at Niall and said, "Hey ill be right back I have to use the bathroom." He smiled and nodded as I got up and left the room. As I closed the door I took my phone out and clicked on Harry's number. I took a deep breath as the phone rang. I was just about to talk when I noticed that it was his voice mail.

Hey this is harry the one only. I cant get to the phone right now because....Im here! They cant see you? O right lol Its Louis!!!! That's right that's why I cant answer cause were having to much fun right now. *laughing* so just leave a message after the beep and ill call you back! BYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

I laughed at as the memory's of our good times came flooding back. I heard the beep and took a deep breath. "Hey Harry here. I just wanted to know how your doing and all. So yea call me back if you want to talk. If you don't I understand." I hung up the phone and slid down the door just then I heard what sounded like Niall knocking on the door. "Hey Louis are you okay in their." I just bonked my head on the door in response.

I came out with red puffy eyes and saw the smile on go away. He pulled me into a hug as he said, "Louis's what's the matter?" He asked me wiping the tears from my eyes. "Niall what did you do when you when you and Liam got into a fight?" He looked at me and sighed. "Well Louis I gave Liam some time and then I couldn't wait any longer so I went to his house one day. We talked and made up and we've been friends since then." I looked at him and said, "Thanks niall I have to go fix things with an old friend."

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