No words

"Why wont you speak?"


14. Happy days

Liam's pov:

After seeing how happy Louis and Harry were we knew that they had done it at last. They made up and were talking again. THANK THE LORDS THEIR DUMB FIGHT IS OVER!!!!! Harry came back into the room with popcorn. "Lets get this movie started!!!" Zayn said with an excited look on his face. I smiled and agreed with him. "Okay okay I'm coming hold your horses." I sat down on the couch and Zayn started the movie I smiled as Harry and Louis cuddled at all the scary parts in the movie.

I glanced over at Niall who was chowing down on the popcorn and covering his eyes at all the jump scares. I laughed and held my arm out. Niall looked at me confused and then their was another jumps scare and Niall screamed leaping into my arms. I smiled as my cheeks turned red. "Awwwwww" The lads all said as Niall whimpered and covered his face in my shirt. I hugged him close to me not leatting go. "It's okay Niall it's all make believe." Niall looked up at me with tears in his eyes. "I know Liam but I'm still scared!"

Zayn sat up very interested in our conversation. "Niall don't you love horror films?" Harry and Louis stopped cuddling and looked over at us. "I don but guys where all out of food!!!!" He screamed in terror and we all burst into laughter. "I'l order us a pizza then Niall." I said laughing as I got up to go to the phone.

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