No words

"Why wont you speak?"


3. Geting ready

Niall's pov:

I had just finished texting Louis. Now me and Zayn were getting ready to go and pick Louis up. I just had to put my hat on and I would ready to go. The moment that I got down stairs my phone started to go off like crazy. It was a text form Harry and Liam. I decided that I would text Harry first since we hadn't talked in like for a long time.

*Harry texting*

Harry: Hey Niall are you busy today?

Niall: 0o Um.... I'm going out for lunch and I think that's it why?

Harry: Lol why the shocked look and I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out? Who are going with?

Niall: Louis and Zayn. Yea sure but is it cool if I bring some one with me?

Harry: O...:( yea that's cool

Niall: Cool cheer up Hazza. Hang on Liam's texting me

Harry: Okay :)

*Liam texting*

Liam: Niall

Liam: niall


Liam: N

Liam: I

Liam: A

Liam: L

Liam: L


Liam: !

Niall: yes

Niall: L

Niall: I

Niall: A

Niall: M

Liam: Lol what are you doing to day?

Niall: I'm going to eat lunch with Louis and Zayn. Then after words I'm going to Harry's to chill. Wbu?

Liam: Fun nothing

Niall: Do you want to go to Harry's with me?

Liam: Could I?

Niall: Sure :)

Liam: Sweet

Niall: I'll call you when I'm on my way. Bye

Liam: Okay. Bye

*Harry texting*

Niall: I'm bring Liam

Harry: Okay

I shouted to Zayn "COME ON WE HAVE TO PICK LOUIS UP!!!!" "I'm coming." I went and sat in the car. Finally Zayn showed up and we could leave. I couldn't wait to see Louis and Harry again!




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