No words

"Why wont you speak?"


10. Comeing out


*hey guys its me the author and I just wanted to let you guys know that my computer is being weird so please do me a favor and read the chapter first and then go back and watch the video thanks you guys. Love you guys ton!*

Louis's pov:

It was my turn to answer the questions that she had for me. I took some time to think about this and then she said this:

Lady: What are your thoughts on Larry Louis?

Louis: I think that Larry is just our fans way or trying to tell us something that wear to afraid to consider

Lady: I see. What els do you think about it

Louis: *turns to fans* I want to know what all you guys think that Larry Styles means

Lady: Well okay then you heard him girls. Will give you a mic to use Louis and you can pick on random fans and we'll see what they all think

Louis: Thank you?

I took the mic and then turned to our fans to see how I should pick first. That's when I spotted a girl wearing a bright pink shirt. I started to walk to her when I stopped right next to Harry and passed him my note. Then I went to the girl.

Louis: Hi luv what's your name?

Girl: Molly

Louis: Molly? That's a pretty name. What does Larry Styles mean to you sweetie?

Molly: I think that Larry means that you tow are in love and shouldn't be afraid to show your feelings to each other. I think that it means that you two were just meant to be and that you should leave Eleanor and Harry should leave Taylor.

Louis: I see. Well thank you for that Molly

Molly: Your welcome. O and um Louis before you leave can I have a hug?

Louis: Come here you

I pulled her into a hug not wanting to let go of her. She reminded me of one of my little sisters. I held on to her not wanting to let her go but I knew I had too.

Okay lets see who we are going to pick on next. The next girl I picked was wearing a white One Direction T-Shirt. I smiled as I walked over to her.

Louis: Hey love what's your n.....

Before I could finish talking the girl started to talk like crazy.

Girl: Hi my names is Amanda and I think that Larry means something cute and sweet. You guys should tots be with Harry. You guys where meant to be and would be so cute to gether!

I smiled at her and gave her a hug then went back to my seat. Well that was interesting  I guess. I looked over at Harry and saw that he was looking at the note I gave him.

Lady: Well Harry have anything to say?

Harry: Yes, Louis why did you give me this note?

Louis: I guess you'll just have to read it to find out won't you?

Harry: I guess I will

I watched as he opened the note up and started to read it. I didn't realize it but I was holding my breath.

Harry's pov:

I started to open up the note and read it when the interviewer said, "Harry can you read it out loud so we can all know what it says?" I smiled at her and shook my head yes. Then I looked down at he note and took a deep breath then started to read the note.

Dear Harry

I know that wear not talking and all right now. But I just miss you so much. I wish that I could tell you how you make feel when I'm around you. Or tell the hole wide world that I Louis Tomlinson am madly in love with you Harry Styles! Sadly thew I know that if I ever where to say this out loud or even to you that you would probably judge me. My biggest fear is that you'll find out that I love you and then you won't feel the same way about me. Its that you'll just laugh at me.

I'm afraid that the lads will all laugh at me too. I just don't think that I could think about that. Not to mention all those means things that I said to you the day that we had our fight. I take them all back and meant none of them I swear. I don't know if you got my other letters you or if you even read them. So yea I'm sure you'll never read this letter but I just wanted to tell you this threw a letter because I can't do it in real life face to face.

I love you Harry

I  want to be with you for the rest of my life with you

Even when the band splits up I want to be able to know that I'll always have you and for you too know that you'll always have me

Thanks if you read this for reading this and letting me tell you how I feel about you


Louis Tomlsion

I looked up at Louis and then looked at the fans and the lads. I saw that all the fans had tears in their eyes and the same went for the lads. I watched as Niall, Liam, and Zayn all got up and rapped their arms around Louis. "Omg Louis we would never laugh or judge you! we're like brothers and we all love and support your choices." I heard Niall tell Louis with a chocked voice.

I looked over at Louis and watched as he opened his mouth and said, "So Harry do you love me?" All of  a sudden I felt every one's eyes on me.

I cleared my throught and opened my mouth. I didn't know what to say so I just sang him a song.


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