Leanna Falza is only 19 and finds out that she has a long lost brother, after they bump into each other at a coffee shop.
Liam Payne is finally happy that his long lost sister is finally where she belongs, with him.


2. Meetings

Leanna POV

"Wha-wha-what?" I stumble backwards. A world famous guy in a boy band is my brother? I have a brother who's famous? I have a BROTHER?!

"You are my sister, Leanna!" Liam hugged me, I was still dumbfounded.

"How?!" I exclaim. He give me a look that has 'I'll tell you later' written all over it. Liam motions to follow him, so I do. I quickly text Polly.

Me: i'll be a bit late.... ran into a problem tell ya l8er

Polly: k lea. cya wheneves

Liam and I walk to a park and sit down on the bench.

"This must be confusing for you, Leanna. I'm your brother, Liam Payne. You are adopted, by the way." He explains. "We are actually blood siblings, my family could only have one baby... We aren't twins, I'm a year older than you."

"So, we are brother and sister. This is crazy! Really cool too. I'm an only child! So now I have a brother, an older, famous brother." I must sound so happy! It's awesome! I have a famous brother.

"Pretty much." He gets up and I stand with him.

"Just call me Lea! Almost everyone ends up calling me that. So Liam, do we just leave and pretend this never happened? I can do that if you want." I say.

"Naw. If I wanted that to happen, I wouldn't have told you. Here's my number, Lea. Just text me." Liam gives me a slip of paper and walks off. I put the number into my phone under a contact that says 'Li Li :D' and jog to Polly's house.

"Polls, you'll never guess what just happened!" I exclaim.

"You ran naked down the street and ate ice cream with a cop?" She teases.

"Yes! You guessed it!" I joke. "No girl! Liam Payne is my brother!"

"Haha good one!"

"Dude, I'm serious. He stopped me at a coffee shop and gave me his number..." She just laughs. I give her my most serious look.

"You're serious. Wow." She finally gets it. "So you're gonna be famous?" She asks.

"I guess, once the paparazzi finds out." I suddenly get worried. What if they swarm me? I hate the paparazzi!

I pull out my phone and text Liam.

Me: Hey Liam.

Liam: Hiya, who's this?

Me: it's your long lost sister

Liam: oh hiiiiiii

Me: hiiiiii! I told my best friend about today, hope ya don't mind

Liam: no problem. We should hang out soon. You can meet the rest of 1D. Anyways, gotta go. Bye long lost sister!

Me: bye Li Li

Liam: :o a nickname already?!?!??!!!

Me: yup :)

I put my phone away and Polly makes tea. We just sit and talk.


Liam insisted on me going to his house. I knock and the door opens immediately. A blonde guy smiles at me. Niall!

"Hey, are you a crazy fan?" He asks me in his Irish accent. I laugh.

"No I'm Liam sister, actually!" I say, trying to sound professional.

"Nice try. You are a crazy fan, you know how many times I've heard that!?" He stares at me.

"How many?" I ask him.

"23, and counting..." Niall shuts the door on me. Ugh. I pull out my phone and text Liam, saying I'm here. Soon the door opens again, Liam smiles at me.

"C'mon in! Guess who's feeling guilty? NIALL!!!" Liam yells. Haha, Niall is guilty!

Niall POV

A crazy fan appeared at the door! She claimed that she was Liam's sister. I knew better than to listen. After closing the door, Liam ran to it and let her in. Now I just feel guilty, that was Liam's sister.

"Hey, erm... Sorry for not letting you in. I thought you were a crazed fan." I apologized to the girl.

"It's fine, Niall. I'm Leanna, by the way." The girl, Leanna said. She said that she wouldn't have even let herself in, if she were me.

Leanna is really pretty. She looks like a girl version of Liam. Her hair is long and medium brown, with a slight curl. Her eyes are a rich, dark brown. Who am I kidding, she's absolutely beautiful! I wonder if she's single...

Liam POV

Lea came into my house and I introduced her to the other four guys. It's nice seeing my sister again. I haven't seen her since I was three! I still recognized her, although I'm not sure how! She was really cool about the whole long lost brother thing.

All of the boys seemed to like Lea. She got along with them great! Apparently she's a 'girl clone of me' and everyone is still getting over the fact that I have a sister.

Lea gave me a nickname, Li Li. It's cool. Lea's clearly comfortable around me! We are like any other brother and sister. We tease each other, play fight, and even get along sometimes. Even though I only met her yesterday, we are besties! Haha.

Leanna POV

All of Liam's band mates are so awesome! Harry's a huge flirt. He's always telling me I'm so beautiful! I can really get used to life with Liam and the other boys.

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