Leanna Falza is only 19 and finds out that she has a long lost brother, after they bump into each other at a coffee shop.
Liam Payne is finally happy that his long lost sister is finally where she belongs, with him.


4. Love?

I'm basically at Liam's house everyday! All of the boys adore me. Two of the five constantly stare at me! That would be Harry and Niall. I admit, I do have a soft spot for the blonde Irishman.

I pull my awesome blue and red seahorse jumper on, and my hair is already done up. I usually straighten my brown hair and put it up in a high ponytail. I apply some light, natural looking makeup and head for the door, walking to Liam's house.

"Hello Lea!" A happy blondie opens the door for me. I give him a little hug and walk into the house.

"Where are Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry?" I ask Niall.

"Liam went grocery shopping, Louis is out with his new girlfriend, and Harry is out with Perrie and Zayn shopping for clothes." He simply replies. "We're all alone." Niall adds.

"Great!" I exclaim, feeling excited. I do have a little crush on Niall. Not a huge 'I'll always be by your side and try to make it totally obvious that I love you' kind of crush, just a 'it's awkward when you are standing right next to me and I'll blush a lot if you compliment me' kind of crush. He's just so adorable!

I sit on the couch and gaze at Niall. It's not my fault, okay? I'm 19 and single, for now ;) . I try to think of other things, like about meeting Perrie (Zayn's fiancé), and bugging Liam when he gets home. I realize that the fandom doesn't know my true identity! They'll find out soon enough.

I arise from my thought clouds and look over at Niall. He's just playing on his cellphone. It looks as though he's losing a game because he keeps frowning and then relaxing. I get off of the couch and look over his shoulder at his phone. Niall's on Twitter. When I look closer, I see he's reading comments on my tweets. Some of which are really terrible.

"Don't worry about those, Ni." I sigh. Niall just ignores me, so I walk off.

"I'm going to Starbucks, I'll be back in 15 minutes!" I yell to Niall who just says okay.

I love fall! Pumpkin Spice lattes are available! Woo hoo! I order one of those and pay. Back to Liam's house.

I walk in, Niall is nowhere to be seen! I dump my handbag on the couch and sit next to it. I flip the television on and scroll through channels. Face Off! That's one of my favourite shows! It's the pirate episode rerun, and I've already watched it. (A/N: Face Off is actually one if my favourite shows, you should watch it! :D)

The door bursts open and Liam topples in, tonnes of groceries in his hands. I hurry over and help him carry everything inside.

"Where's Niall?" He asks me.

"Don't know." I state. It's the truth, I have no idea where he is. We are both quiet and finish putting away foods. Niall hasn't come back yet. I'm starting to get worried...

A/N: Hey! I know that not many people read this movella... I need a name, personality, and look for Louis' new girlfriend! If you want to be his girlfriend then just comment OR Kik me (if you have it). Also, if you have any questions just KIK me! My kik: red_phoenixx


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