Leanna Falza is only 19 and finds out that she has a long lost brother, after they bump into each other at a coffee shop.
Liam Payne is finally happy that his long lost sister is finally where she belongs, with him.


3. Hate and Concert

Leanna's POV

So life is good. The boys invited me to a concert in 2 weeks! I get to watch from backstage, and meet other famous people who are also performing! That includes 5 Seconds of Summer! So, I'm not at all freaking out!

On another note, I can tell Niall has a crush on me. He may not think this, but it's totally obvious! Too bad I have a boyfriend. Well, future boyfriend.

I decided to check my twitter. Only Liam knows my twitter, which is probably good. No fan knows about us being siblings yet. The paparazzi got a photo of Liam and I walking together. They seriously think we are dating! Liam's going to post about me. Oh wait, he already has:

@Real_Liam_Payne: Hanging out with my friend @LeannaFalzaOfficial! WE ARE NOT DATING!!!

From that tweet, I gained over 500 followers in half an hour! Just, wow! I looked at the comments, most were nice:

Are you sure about that? She's cute ;)

Awwww! You should ;) <3


But some were NASTY! I mean, how can anyone be so terrible? They don't even know me!

Omg it's a good thing that u 2 ain't dating!!!! She u-g-l-y!

Looks like a slut

She should get her filthy hands off my Liam!!!

Who has the nerve to say those things? Why would fans be so mean? It's a good thing I only saw a few comments. At least I am strong! Hate can't bring me down.

(2 weeks later)

Time to leave for the show! I am so excited! Apparently 3/4 of the 1D fandom like me! Liam and I have hung out a lot lately. Most of the haters gave up. Some are still at it!

Well anyways, it's the concert time, finally! My phone buzzes:

Li Li :D: Hey! Ready to go? I'll be there in 10 mins

Me: yeah! I'm so excited!

I put my phone away and put my hair in a neat high ponytail. I look pretty good. I'm wearing a long, plain white T-shirt and galaxy tights that reach my ankles. There's a knock at the door, Liam's here! I take my white converse and head out. Liam is waiting by his car. I hop in shotgun and we are off the concert!

The stadium is packed! A bajillion (is that even a number?) fangirls are fangirling! The opening act is done by 5 Seconds of Summer! I am in the backstage lounge. All of the 1D boys are here, no 5SOS yet. I'm looking forward to meeting them!

The door bursts open and four boys stumble into the room. Calum is the first to notice me.

"Hey! Do you have a backstage pass? They're cool. I see you've already met One Direction!" He says.

Liam walks over and explains, "This is Leanna my, erm, sister."

"Oh my gosh! You have a sister! You two look like twins, I shoulda known!" Calum exclaimed.

"Yeah. Just call me Lea. Um, you guys are due onstage!" I order, motioning to the 5SOS boys. They all hurry out on stage and preform.

(After the concert)

The show was a blast! After it, everyone went back to their places and slept. It even wore my out! All of the 5SOS boys gave me their cell numbers. Apparently I'm popular! So now I have 4 new friends!

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