Midnight menories

Taylor is at a hotel with her friends for summer vacation, apparently one direction was in that hotel. But what she didn't know her whole like was going to change when she bumps into the Harry styles....


1. un-packing

Taylor's pov :

"hey Karrli pass me my bag please" I said. "Sure thing Taylor"

"It's so cool to be in New York City over summer brake !!"

"Haha yeah it's so peaceful" she said laughing.

I took out my clothes and put them in the closet. "How long are we staying in New York ?"

"Ummm for the rest if summer I think we have a while."

"Yeah it's going to be so fun!"

"I know right we'll I'm going to go unpack some more"

" ok.We'll I'm going to go get a drink from the caffe do you want anything?"

"No I'm fine" she said.

"Oh ok" I said as I walked to the door and slipped on some uggs . I was wearing a crop top with jean shorts and a messy bun with my blonde hair. "I'll see you soon" I yelled as I walked out the door heading to the elevator. When i got to the caffe I ordered a coffee and sat down. I saw a limo drive up with screaming girls running down the streets I started to wonder as I ran up to tell Karrli.

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