Lost in our Fate

Scar (Scarlett) a bad ass chick who is also a vampire and not afraid to take anyone down. he goes by the name of Caine. ancestors making the rule that vampires and werewolfs are not to be made friends between the two, but too kill.


1. The meet up.



Scarlett's POV

Caine and Scar had been sending each other hateful texts and the two were now above their limit. They've arranged a little battle in the woods nearest to where the two were standing. hah, she wouldn't be afraid. she went into an alley, taking off the rosario collar that contained her immense vampire powers. wherever the collar was taken off, her powers were unleashed. boosts like, speed boosts, strength boosts and a defying gravity boost and also her hair becoming metallic silver and her eyes becoming metallic silver and her eyes becoming a bloodshot red colour. she speeded through the city into the woods, going so fast that she was unnoticable. she arrived the in the woods where the two were to meet. hmph, Cain was late, just like him to be late. well now we wait.

Caine's POV

Cain; the outcast, misfit and loner. Yet this loner was tough an strikingly a handsome chap. And how he got to know the menace who goes by the name of Scar short for Scarlett, well it all started at a wolf only meeting and she happened to be there. It waas not surprise Caine almost tore her to shreds if the older wolves didn't stop him. And so they would always bump into each other, mocking, teasing, fighting and arguing. They've done it all. But today was somewhat different, today Caine was supposed to meet Scar in the woods and being Caine; the wolf was never on time. "Shit ... fuck .. fuck" he growled, running through the woods in his human form, he was late and obviously Scar wouldn't let this go anytime soon. Caine had stopped back at his pack house to check that his gang was alright and hadn't trashed the place with their stupid teenage parties. Oh how he hated those. he began to walk once he saw Scar in view, just like now he would sneak up on 'the spawn of Satan' as he nicknamed the young vampire and attempted to scare her. And guess what? it always worked. Caine in his basketball shorts which hung loosely around his toned and muscular jips crept behind the vampire till the front half of his body was touching her front side. "Missed me Kitten?" He whispered, another nickname. This one was just to piss her off and oh how amused it made the young alpha.

Scarlett's POV

Her eyes widened at the words that scared her, she turned around quickly and found Caine. "Shut up." she sneered. her hair slapping his cheels as she let out a soft giggle. "Well, shall we get started?" she suggested, getting closer to caress his cheek. "Don't worry babe, I'll be easy on you" she chuckled, stepping back and letting him transform into his wolf form. while he was occupied she let her fangs sink from each side. Scar floated to one side of the woods, opposite of where Caine was. "ready ... set .. go!" the petite vampire yelled, speeding over to Caine to do her combo punch, kick, float, and kick to the ground; was how it went. and she did exactly that. The muscular wolf jumping on her pinning her to the ground. Scar struggled and struggled but nothing. she couldnt get out, the wolfs sharp claws clawed deep into the soil of the ground where she was pinned down in the forest. groaning trying to get out she tried to get out. aha, idea. The vampire kicked him off with her legs and she back flipped, landing perfectly on the ground. Caine wasn't easy, and she knew that this was gonna take a lot og hard work if she wanted to win.


Hello! I'm Jazmyn, Ariah's friend and she let me temperarily have her account :) so hello! I hope you like the first capter, comment what you think! 



Love always, 


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