Why did he pick me? (harry styles fanfic)


3. Chapter 3

Avery P.O.V.

Harry introduced me to his lads which he that they were in a famous boyband? Well... There was Harry, he had beautiful green eyes. Then there's Louis, Harry's best mate and he had brown hair with beautiful green/blue eyes. After that there's Liam, he was really sweet. He had brown hair and these chocolates brown eyes. He seems like he's the father of the boys. Okay. Now let's move on. There was another named Zayn, he had hazel eyes and dark hair. The last one was Niall, he was the only Irish boy. The rest were British. He had there's beautiful aqua blue eyes and brown hair with blonde highlights. But let me tell you, they were all pretty attractive. But something about Harry though, he was really charming and seems like a flirt! He was just so cute!

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