Why did he pick me? (harry styles fanfic)


1. Chapter 1

Avery P.O.V.

I'm in the busy streets of London, it was getting really dark outside and people were leaving for whatever reason. Well yea, I would go home but I couldn't. I ran away from home... Well my foster home.

I just got back from the store to get some food, my foster dad told me to buy him drugs and alcohol and beer, you know stuff like that. I hear him come home. He came home from a bar and he was really drunk. When he's like that you should always leave him alone. But I hear him go upstairs to my room? He bust into my room laughing evilly. "So you want to give me something tonight love?" Said my foster dad. He looked at me full of lust in his eyes. I whimpered, he was getting closer and closer. He started to finger me with this filthy hands of his. I tried to get away, he held my hands though.

As I tried to get away he pushed me to the bed while his large figure hovered me. I tried to wiggle out of his touch but he pushed my down. He led a trail of kisses from my jaw to my neck. I whimper, he touched my....... He stripped my clothes off and I tried to escape. It was no use.. He was way too strong. Then..... He took off his clothes why I back away and try to run. He catches me and enters his....... Into me. I whimper in pain. Then when I least expected I felt this warm thing inside. He kept me quiet. Then me threw me at the ground and started to kick my ribs and my stomach and then he slapped me till I was weak. I thought he was done till... H-he... Turned of the stove burning my cheek in pain. I screamed but he put his hand over my mouth. I bit his hand and ran. I didn't have any clothes so I went to my room and got my clothes. I didn't care but I jumped out the window. My foster dad chased me till he gave up. I found a place to hide and change in. Then I rested in that little place.

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