Sisters best friend

Savannah's sister is moving to New York with her best friend justin. Read it to find out moreee ;)


12. WTF

Savs  POV

i woke up and justin wasn't there so I decided to call him and he ignored I was getting so upset so I checked Instagram to check my feed and I saw it my heart shatterd "I love seeing you smile" and it was a pic of Selena so I got mad but realized maybe it's in a friendly way.... 

Justin's POV

man I'm sucha bad bf to sav I was so high thus morning with twist I didn't realize what I posted on Instagram so I got my phone to call sav but she called me 15 times already FUUCCCKK

K ima call her again 

savs POV: 

he  cakled I picked up.

sav: hello?..

justin: baby what wrong were u crying?

sav: yea justin.

justin: nothing happend I just went to chill with twist an Selena wanted a pic n she posted it on Instagram nothing happend baby please believe me! 

Sav: whatever justin next time tell me when u leave me ok. N when tf r u coming home cuz I wanted you to be at my first VSphoto shoot 

justin: baby I'm coming rn 

sav: bye.

justin: bye baby love youuuu 😘😘

sav POV: I believe jay but idk I mean he's gotta learn so ill play a little game with him tonight ;) 

Justins POV: I realized how lucky I am rn to have a Victoria's Secret model but I mean that sucks cuz other people get to see her half naked to... :( 

savs POV: I decided to tell my parents 

sav: hello mom? 

Mom: yes sweetie how are you I miss you baby 

sav: I miss you too mommy but.... I have to tell u something 

mom: LOL baby I know about Victoria's Secret I'm ok with it but ur daddy's a bit upset dw he'll get over it but honey I'm so proud of you but me an daddy have a meeting soon so I gtg love you 

sav: love you too bye mom 

justin: hey baby I'm home

sav: hey 

justin: don't I get a kiss

sav: I want more ;) 

justin: oooooh ;) 

*justin pushes her on the sofa she flips him over and start kissing his V line and take his pants off kissing the top of his dick and moving up again kissing his neck leaving a hickey and kissing his lips an running away* 

justin: FUUCKK 

sav: what's wrong babe

justin: why do you do this too me -.- 

sav: idek *chuckleS*

justin: *pulls her back on the sofa doing the same thing but justin pushed into her thrusting fast and hard sav moans and moans until they both cum... Uuuuuuhhhhhhggg*

sav: SHIT. JUSTIN *starts to cry*

justin: baby what's wrong did I hurt you? 

Sav: no babe condom.! 

Justin: ahahha I was wearing one I put it on when u ran! 

Sav: oh thank god! *calms down*

justin: come cuddle now baby

sav: coming *jumps on the sofa with him an cuddle until....*

savs POV: 

i woke up to the door opening I looked and there they stood my parents! 


they both had wide eyes and didn't know me n justin were together even worst they didn't expect us to be fucking...







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