Sisters best friend

Savannah's sister is moving to New York with her best friend justin. Read it to find out moreee ;)


4. What!

Sav's POV

whaAt I just walked out the door and heard "jes ur my best friend but I'm in love with Sav" 

no way! He loves me ah


sav: oh uh hay guys we should leave flights in 2 hours :D

justin: Sav.... 

Sav: justin...ahahhaha yes? 

Justin: savannah I like you aloot actually I think i love you.

sav: justin iv liked you since the moment I met you! I love you too 

justin: savannah will you be my girlfriend? 

Sav: yessss!! 

*justin n savannah kiss* 

jes: ew LOL jk so cute now let's get going kids


*at the airport* 

justin: babe let's check in then grab a bite to eat? 


Sav: yea sure 

jes: Kay leave me out assholes 

Sav: you can come!!! Haha who said u weren't invited

jes: justin.

sav: jaaayyy let her come she doesent have anyone right now we all have to find new friends in New York till then we stick together :D 

justin: K

sav: babe.

justin: sorry just want you all to myself

sav: well you are my sisters best friend so... No haha and I'm gonna make new friends but we have to be fair.

jes: no it's fine guys I'll go find some friends at the airport cuz justin clearly doesent wanna be besties anymore!! 

Sav: no stay ahhaha jay!

Justin: jessica! I love you as my bestie but ur sisters my gf now im gonna want her to myself sometimes and ofcourse not ur always gonna be my bestie! 

Sav: yayy! 

Jes: kk fine but don't leave me out till I find a friend

justin: I'll try

sav: k can we check in now I'm starving 

justin: ya babe lets go! 

Sav: ilu jay *kisses cheek*

Justin: I love you more *kisses her passionately on the lips* 

jes: awww you guys are too cute can I take a pic! 

Justin and Sav: mmk I guess

jes: k kiss for the pic


people at the airport: awwww 

justin n Sav: *blushing and kissing* 


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