Sisters best friend

Savannah's sister is moving to New York with her best friend justin. Read it to find out moreee ;)


13. Uh oh..explanations

This is what my parents walked in on..

mum: what the fuck is this savannah 

dad: savannah Candice Swanepoel  I need a very good explanation!

sav: mum dad me and justin are dating....

dad/mom: is that why you're both naked we don't really mind dating but savannah you're 16! 

Sav: I know I'm 16. Oh and we just fucked that's why we're naked.

parents: justin wake up why would you force our baby girl to this 

justin: I'm so....

sav: cut him off ... Mom. Dad. I wanted this I teased him and I wanted him to have sex with me! 

Parents: baby ur so young.

sav: yes but I love justin and having sex isn't bad it's a part of life we do it for the pleasure we always have n will use protection so what's the problem

parents: always have! How many times have you done it? 

Sav: this is the second but enough of this can u guys go back outside so we can put clothes on

parents: savannah you've disappointed us 

sav: K

justin: baby don't get angry. It was my fault

sav: Justin how the hell is it yours i teased you n asked you to fuck me!   

justin: ik but I mean this whole thing ur only 16 n I shouldnt have done it 

Sav: it's ok babe I wanted to. Ur just a regular hornh teen like me we cannot control it 

justin: love you baby *kisses her cheek*


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