Sisters best friend

Savannah's sister is moving to New York with her best friend justin. Read it to find out moreee ;)


3. Living the Life

Justin's POV

i really like savannah like so much she's so outgoing and she's so beautiful n hott she has the perfect tits n ass I just hope jessica told her and that she like me back :$ 


Jessica's POV 

man I feel terrible justin like my sister savannah I like justin but no one knows :( time to move on but what does she have that I don't I mean I'm not self centred but me and Sav and pre fricken hot but she has an ass n tits...I don't I mean why doesent justin like me :/ 


Savannahs POV

I really hope justin doesent like me just for my ass or tits 


Jes: hey babes are you ready?! 

Sav: yeah..

jes: Justin's here ;)

sav: you like him should I back off

jes: what are you talking about..?

Sav: it's obviouse I don't wanna get in the way were sisters! 

Jes: savannah I would be getting in the way he likes you plus the whole point of ney York was to find my love there so just consider I'm over justin he's all yours babe

sav: I love you jes you're the best sister ever

jes: btw you look cute ;) 

Sav: thanks sis 

( Sav was wearing lululemon leggings with a white crop top and a military jacket for shoes she

wore timberlands) 

Justin's POV 

wowoow she walked down the stairs I just couldn't she was so hott I mean her style was on point too she needs to be my girl we would make the cutest couple :$ 

Jessica: JUSTIN! Snap out of it ik she's hot but you can't eyeball my sister like that

Justin: shutup jessica

sav: hey justin *gives him a friendly hug* 


 omg she gave me a hug.!!!! What do I do kiss her? No that's going too fast 

Jessica: justin you've been hugging for 3 mins 

Sav: yea uhm.. * moves back a bit lets go of the hug* 

justin: sorry Sav you're just so huggable ;$ 

sav: hehe you too justin.. 









Justin: we should get going 

jessica&sav: yea bye mom ndad see you guys soon love you! * hugs them* 











i ran to the car waiting for savannah to open the passenger seat for her but jessica came first and took the seat -.- 

justin: WTF jes cmon don't be like that

jes: ahhaha sorry didn't know you would like my sister more then me

justin: jes ur my best friend ur sister is the love of my life








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