Sisters best friend

Savannah's sister is moving to New York with her best friend justin. Read it to find out moreee ;)


5. A Dream Come True!

*skip plane ride* 

justin: babe wake up were landing 

Sav: *groans* 

justin: ur so hott when you do that ;) 

jes: justin wake up jes! 

Justin: I'm trying LOL

sav: I'm up chill out guys! :(

justin: *kisses her* ur so cute 

sav: ur hott ahahah like hollister hott

justin: ur even hotter like victoria secret hott ;) 

sav: I'm not ahha but that reminds be I need to make a trip there later when we get setup at the apartment! 

Justin: sure babe I have to go in

sav: noo I'm taking jes LOL u make dinner babe :D 

justin: I'd rather tag along ;) 

Sav: no ahaha that's awks for u

Justin: k ya true I'll make din aka I'll order pizza ahahhaha

sav: ok! Ahaha









*getting of the plane* 

Jes: guys it's been like 3 hours since we had a coffee I'm hungry!

sav: AHAHAHAHA let's grab a snack jays making dinner while we shop ;) 

justin: yay!...... -.- 

jes: sick ahaha but jay sucks at cooking 

justin: stfu u lil shit I'm ordering pizza

sav: why don't you just come shopping then well just eat out but it's ur choice you can either come or just chill and get use to the new home?

justin: I'll come but not VS I'll shop in other stores then we'll meet up? 

Sav: yeah! Sounds great 

*grabbing a snack from airport store* 

Sav: guys ima go call a cab come outside after you choose what u want

justin: babe what do you want?

Sav: um I'll have a mini bag of chips with water

justin: HAHAHAHA mini? 

Sav: ya I'm not that hungry hahaha

justin: you and jes have such small stomaches

sav: whatever ahahahah

jes: justin ur buying it

sav: no here I'll pay

justin: go call the cab babe I'm paying ahah ur never paying if I'm there

sav: :/ k I'll call the cab..

justin: LOVE YOU!! <3


i just blew him a kiss and walked outside of the mini store I didn't need to call a cab I just needed to think justin makes me want him... But if I tell him he's gonna take my V card I'm not ready just quite yet :/ maybe I'll just tease him and just see how long that goes on for I mean I don't mind justin taking my virginity because I mean he is THE JUSTIN BIEBER but dw he doesent get mobbed right now because he's taking a break for a year or so I'm not sure ahha but of course I'll push it off to as long as possible ahahha jk I'm losing it but I'm making sure that he uses protection HAHAHAH I giggled to myself justin just came over n thought I was crazy..







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