Sisters best friend

Savannah's sister is moving to New York with her best friend justin. Read it to find out moreee ;)


6. A Dream Come True con.

Justin: babes are you ok ahahah ahaha 

Sav: yea I was just thinking 

justin: bout what ahah

sav: you'll find put soon ;))) 

justin: babbbbeee

sav: cabs here ahahhaha *starts running* 

justin: saaaavvvv!!!! *runs after her laughing* 

jes: guys wait don't leave *sprints to the cab*

Sav: *tell driver to take them to the apartment*

*skipping car ride*

sav: Kay guys let's unpack then head to the mall! 

Justin: babe let's just cuddle...

sav: tommorow we'll spend the whole day all lazy? 

Justin:*groans* kk *kisses Sav passionately* 

sav: *kisses for about a min then pulls away* 

justin: let's unpack when we get back ahha let's go so we can shop longer ;) 

sav: kk jeeeessss!!!!!!! 

Jes: yea

sav: we'll unpack when we get back so we can shop longer

jes: do I have to go I just got a message from a friend who lives near by she wants to hangout...

sav: no that's totally fine! Have fun babe.

justin: guess were having a date night? ;) 

sav: forsure ahaha but it also mean ur coming to VS with me

justin: can you try stuff on then? ;) 

sav: JUSTIN! 

Justin: AHAHAHAH let's go babe 

*at VS*

Vs employee: hey sorry babe what's ur name the models are doing a show tonight ur late!! 

Sav: uh hey I'm savannah but I'm not a model her Haha 

vs em: NO way UR BEAUTIFUL MODELS ARE ALSO SIGNING UP RIGHT THERE ;) hint hint get ur both over there babe

sav: oh are you seriouse this is a dream justin baby pinch me!!!! 

Justin: babe it's real life I agree with her ur beautiful babe *kisses her cheek* 

sav: thanks babe.. :/ should I do it 

justin and vs emp: YEEEESSSS

sav: Woah ok I'll do it 

vs emp: k babe right over her uhm justin you can shop around or uhm help ur gf? With today's audition shoot?

justin: I'll help ahaha

sav: babe are you sure? 

Justin: yea! My baby's gonna be a vs model! We can be the next Beyoncé n jay Z ;)) 

sav: ;) babe i love youu 

justin: sav I also heard you can sing ;) 

sav: no lol I suck 

justin: jes recorded you singing ur amazing babe I just need a favour

sav: depends :/

justin: no babe please for me just do one favour

sav: ugghhh fine

justin: kk do a duet with me please babe 


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