Counting My Wishes

I'm just an average girl that is sarcastic, funny, and always being myself. I'm not the typical girl you would think I am. I don't go crazy for the new fashion lines that girls wear, or go crazy over annoying boy bands. Just one of those...what would you call it? Tomboys. That's it. I never thought in a million years that something so little like a piece of paper would come into my life and change it entirely. I never wanted anything to do with One Direction. Life decides to throw stuff at you and you usually don't get what you want, am I right? Well, it happen to me... Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


41. Chapter 41

 I stumble out of the dressing room falling into someone's arms. I move my hair back looking up to see Niall. He lifts me back up on my feet as I gain my balance again.

"Whoa! Thanks Niall!" I pat his chest backing away.

"Uh- yeah, no problem." His cheeks turn red as he looks away.

"It was like a crazy trust fall exercise!" I laugh it off. "I'll see you later Horan!" I wave back at him running up backstage.

"Hey good luck out there Andy!" I turn back to see Zayn giving me a thumbs up. I smile and nod in response.

 I walk up the stairs being handed my violin, earpiece, and mic. The crowd claps as I run to the middle bowing down. I look out at the crowd that had confused looks on their faces; Some were curious. I tapped the mic on my cheek testing it.

"Hey everyone! Some of you may know me, and many don't know me at all. I'm Andy and I'm a violinist. Hope you all enjoy some of my original songs I wrote!" The crowd claps and falls silent as they wait for me. I hold the violin up to my chin waiting for the track to play.


Everyone cheers as I finish playing my third song. I bow and thank them all walking off stage.

"You did great Andy!" Liam comes up to me, grabbing his mic from a man nearby as I handed him my mic and earpiece.

"Thanks!" I smiled.

"Oh, did Louis tell you that we're doing that duet we did the last time at the gig?"

I raise my eyebrows. "We're doing a duet?"

"Oh no. Louis didn't tell you?" I shake my head.

"Didn't tell Andy what?" Louis came up to us.

"That we're doing the duet we did like at the gig."

"Wait, you were talking to me? I thought you were talking to Niall the whole time."

"No! I told you!" Liam shakes his arms around in the air.

"Well you can't blame Louis. We didn't even practice beforehand. Who had the idea anyways?"

"Simon said to since we sounded great at the gig." Liam shrugs.

"Is he always like this?"

"Like what?" Louis looks at me.

"Like always planning things last minute and putting people on pressure? I mean, I've had enough pressure with having to date one of the boys!" I quickly cover my mouth as my eyes widened. They both look at me in shock. "You weren't suppose to hear that." I quickly mutter.

"Wait, Simon is having you date Niall or Harry?" I slightly nod at Liam.

"Yeah, it's between Harry and Niall. Please, I beg you not to tell them about it. Simon is supposed to tell them within these next few days and it feels weird telling them myself, so please." I rub my shoulder.

"Why do you feel weird telling them?"

"I don't know. It's just...weird. I mean, being friends with them and getting close with them feeling like their the brothers I never had." I begin to rub my shoulders more.

"Are you sure it isn't another feeling?" Louis puts his arm around me wiggling his eyebrows.

"Oh no it's not!" I push him away slapping his shoulder.

"I'm just messing with you Andy." Louis chuckles.

"Guys, please don't mention anything about it." I beg once again.

"You have our word Andy." Liam puts his right hand up promising as Louis does the same.

"We should get going now. Bye Andy!"  Louis pulls Liam along with him up to stage with the other boys.


"Whoo! That was an amazing first concert!" Niall shouts. We all chime in agreeing.

"How did you like your first performance?" Harry sits himself on a couch glancing back at me.

"It was a bit nerve racking, but it was fun!" I smile. Although I have a bit of stage fright I didn't want it to get in the way.

 We pack our things and head on out to the van where fans and security were. I walk towards the van putting my things in and heading on out back to where the crowd of girls were surrounding the boys. I stand awkwardly next to security as I watch the boys take photos, sign things, and talk to the fans. A ringtone goes off sending one of the security men to answer it. I feel a tap on my shoulder making me turn to the side.

"Andy, Simon would like to speak with you." I look down at the phone in his hands deciding if whether I should take it or deny. Is he going to talk to them right now? After a small talk to myself I decide to take the phone from his hands.


"Hello Andy!" He says cheerfully. Wow. That's a first.

"Are you okay?" I ask rather confused.

"I'm doing well. How about you?"

"Uh? Okay I guess." Well this isn't strange at all. He usually gets to the point.

"Okay? What's wrong?"

"What's wrong is you called. I didn't think it was so soon." I bite my lip waiting.

"Oh, you're talking about the 'relationship' deal."

"Well what else?"

 I hear him muffle on the otherside. "Listen, I've told Harry and Niall that I want to talk to them both on skype tomorrow morning before practice and I want you to just wander in while I talk. Got it?"

 I nod my head even though he couldn't see me. "Yeah, I got it."

"Okay, I'll talk to you and the boys tomorrow. Goodnight Andy. Good show by the way."

"Nite." I groan. I hand the security man back his phone and walk towards the van.

"Hey Andy, why don't you come over here?" I keep on walking acting like I didn't hear Niall. I feel a hand grab onto my shoulder pulling me back. I turn to face him this time. "Didn't you hear me when I called you?"

I shook my head. "No, I didn't."

"Why don't you come join us over there?" He points back to the others.

"I'm feeling a bit tired from today." I fake a yawn stretching my arms.

"C'mon, just a couple minutes."

"Ugh, fine." I walk beside him to the crowd of girls.

 Man, it's cold out here. I rub my shoulders as a breeze comes by. I'm such an idiot for not bringing my own jacket. I walk back and forth trying to warm myself up.

I suddenly feel a jacket being put over my shoulders. I turn around to see Harry. "You looked cold."

"Oh, you didn't have to-"

"No I did." He sends me a smile walking back to the crowd.

 I decide to put the jacket on zipping it up.'s so warm. I take in a deep breath too get a whiff of cologne. Aw! That's strong. I hope I don't smell like it afterwards.

 I look up to see some of the girls staring at me. A brown curly haired girl whispers to her blonde haired friend looking back at me. What are they saying? Do I have a stain on my clothes? I look down at my clothes to see nothing there. I glance back up at them confused. What are they talking about?

"Hey! Could I ask you something?" The curly haired girl shouts over the crowd. I turn around and look back at her pointing to myself. She nods. I walk towards her crossing my arms.

"Radio contest winner, right?" The blonde girl asked. I hesitantly nod.

"You have a thing going with Harry?" The curly haired girl asked.


"What about Niall?" The blonde girl asked.

"No, not him either." I shook my head.

"Haha. You're funny. You're good at lying." The curly haired girl grins.

"Ha. I'm not lying." I assure her.

"Oh, yeah, sure." she rolls her eyes.

 What's this girls problem? Is she jealous or something? I shook the thought away walking back to the van. What if she knows? It couldn't be possible, could it? Nah.

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