Counting My Wishes

I'm just an average girl that is sarcastic, funny, and always being myself. I'm not the typical girl you would think I am. I don't go crazy for the new fashion lines that girls wear, or go crazy over annoying boy bands. Just one of those...what would you call it? Tomboys. That's it. I never thought in a million years that something so little like a piece of paper would come into my life and change it entirely. I never wanted anything to do with One Direction. Life decides to throw stuff at you and you usually don't get what you want, am I right? Well, it happen to me... Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


40. Chapter 40

   ~4 days later~
 Today's the boys first concert and my first opening act! It's so amazing here in Colombia! Can't wait till we go around the world. Eleanor, Perrie and Sophia were on their way from the airport and Simon has told the boys that they came to spend time with them. Oh wonderful, going to try on girly clothes to wear. I'm so happy! Not.

"Hey boys!" Eleanor walks in with Perrie and Sophia behind her with their luggage.

"Babe!" Louis comes running out of his room embracing Eleanor in a hug.

"You're here!" Zayn comes out pecking Perrie on the lips grabbing her luggage.

"Sophia!" Liam intertwines his hands with Sophia's pulling her inside.

"Wait a minute, there are only four bedrooms." I look around at everyone.

"No, there's five. Simon booked us five rooms." Liam assured me.

"But the man said four." No matter how long Liam would want to argue, I was right. I know the man said four and that's that.

"Uh, the man said Simon had booked us four rooms." Niall pointed at the phone as he held it up to his ear. He must be talking to the man. Ha! I was right!

"Well, I guess I'm sleeping on the couch." I shrug plopping on the couch.

"We girls can just share a room can't we?" Perrie suggests.

"Yeah! We could have like a sleepover!" Sophia chimes in.

"There's a room with two beds, right?" Eleanor looks back at Louis.

"Uh yeah."

"So you boys can split the other three rooms while us girls share the bedroom with two beds." All the girls except for me go into the room.

"Just on the record I'd rather stay on the couch." I shout. Eleanor walks out linking arms with me dragging me to the door. "Uh...where are we going?" I glance up at her.

"Simon told us to you know, shop?" She murmurs.

"Oh, right." I groan.

"C'mon girls, it's time to go shopping!" Eleanor shouts.

"Hey, bring Andy back on time!" Harry shouts.

"Dude, you're not my dad." I snort.


"Take this, this, this, and this, oh and this." Eleanor piles clothes in my hands as I slowly start to slouch down trying to keep myself up.

"All of this?" I look up at her.

"Yeah, you're going to be with the boys for a while so you need at least a month full of clothes. You could go shopping with the boys later on for more. Now go!" She pushes me inside the dressing room.

 Now let's see. I guess I could work with this some how. I slip into blue faded jeans putting on a lilac shirt. Man, I love lilac. Focus Andy! Okay, what goes well with this? I look down at my pile grabbing a blue jean vest putting it on. I walk out to the girls as they smile.

"That's perfect Andy! I don't think you need our help."

"How about I pick some clothes, try them on, then see what you think?" I look around at them, waiting for their response.

"Sure." They nod.

  I run out grabbing some clothes I had my eye on piling them in my hands. I take off back inside the dressing room slipping into black and white striped pants with a dark blue shirt. I walk out to them spinning around.

"Uh, look Andy, I love the way you look in it, but Simon told us to get you fancier clothes that are appropriate for dates and what not. Sorry." Eleanor weakly smiles.

"Do you have Simons number?"

"Uh yeah, why?"

"Let me see your phone." She hands me her phone as she dialed his number. I tap my foot waiting for him to answer.


"Hey Simon, Andy here. So you said I need to dress 'fancy' as in nice, but do I have to wear plain clothes? I can't go out with splashes of color at least? Like striped pants, plaid shirts, or high tops?"

"Well I don't want you to look crazy with them." He chuckles.

"Look, I might be a tomboy, but I have a sense of fashion. I can make an outfit look normal."

"If you don't look crazy, then buy what you'd like."

"Okay thanks Simon." I sigh in relief.

"Alright. Bye Andy." I hand Eleanor her phone back.

"Well, he said yes."

"Really?" I nod.

"I don't feel like trying on these clothes. Can we just buy them and go?" I ask them.

"Can you just try on the tan dress?" Sophia pleaded.

"Ugh, fine." I walk back in quickly slipping in the dress. I walk out as she squeals.

"I love it! Oh and you're getting other dresses too." I quietly growl going back in to change, then grabbing all the clothes. We walk up to the check out line paying for the clothes. The girls also bought clothes to wear while they were here.

"Let's go get something to eat." We all nod in agreement calling a taxi to take us to a restaurant. We arrive at some sort of fancy restaurant taking our seats by a window view. I lay the napkin over my lap reading the menu.

"So how've you girls been?" I ask breaking the silence.

"I've been good. Having fun on tour with my band. Can't wait to continue." Perrie replies, still looking down at the menu.

"It's been pretty busy for me with photo shoots and many other things." Eleanor looks up at me smiling.

"I've been busy with uni, but from all that it's pretty good so far." Sophia nods.

"What about you?" Perrie looks up from the menu.

"Pretty hectic for me I'd say, but it was good and bad." I shrug.

"What was the bad part if you don't mind me asking?" Eleanor continues to read the menu.

"Well to make the bad short, family and what not. The good is getting a gig because of Niall and Simon offering me to come with the boys on tour. And to add another bad, having to have a fake relationship while on tour with the boys."

"It won't be too bad. Harry is a caring gentlemen, and Niall is a cute, shy, little Irish guy." Eleanor comments.

"Hm...guess you haven't experienced a crazy day with Styles and Horan have you?"

"Haha. Guess not." She shrugs her shoulders, giggling.

  The waitress soon comes and orders our food. We chat for a while till the appetizer comes along. We munch on the food talking some more about random things. Time passes by and the waitress comes with our food.

  After an hour of talking and eating we head back to the hotel. I walk in and see the boys were rushing around. I look down at my watch. Shit. It's already six o'clock!

"Took you long enough Andy!" Harry hops pass by me struggling to put on his skinny jeans.

"Sorry! I was just caught up in the moment with all the fun!"

"Well you have five minutes to dress!" He falls to the floor buttoning his pants.

"How long do we have before we start the concert when we get there?"

"Like thirty minutes."

"That's all I need!" I rush to the room throwing in a shirt, pants, and a pair of high tops in my bag rushing out to the others.

"Okay chop, chop everyone!" I clap my hands together getting everyone's attention.

"Let's get going! We only have so little time now because of Andy!" Louis shouts.

"Hey! Shut up!" I pout. Louis chuckles opening the door as everyone walked out before him. First concert here we go!



A/N: Hey guys! Long time no update! I'm so sorry! I'll try to post a chapter every day or every other day. I don't know if you guys know, but I actually finished writing the whole book back in May. I've just been too lazy to proofread them and post them, so if there's errors, I apologize. Updating tomorrow! (Don't worry, I proofread them at least once or twice ahah)


 If you were wondering, there's 55 chapters in total for this book, which means 15 chapters left! ;P

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