Counting My Wishes

I'm just an average girl that is sarcastic, funny, and always being myself. I'm not the typical girl you would think I am. I don't go crazy for the new fashion lines that girls wear, or go crazy over annoying boy bands. Just one of those...what would you call it? Tomboys. That's it. I never thought in a million years that something so little like a piece of paper would come into my life and change it entirely. I never wanted anything to do with One Direction. Life decides to throw stuff at you and you usually don't get what you want, am I right? Well, it happen to me... Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


24. Chapter 24

  I wake up from a deep sleep to find myself on a bed. I try sitting up, but fail to as I feel arms around my waist pull me back down. I turn back to see Flynn sleeping. Oh great. How am I supposed to get up?

"Psst...Flynn." I nudge him.

"Hm?" He moans.

"Can you let go?" I pull away.

"Huh? Oh sorry." He releases me sitting up.

"Why am I here?" I asked.

"I felt bad for you sleeping on the couch, so I carried you here to sleep with me."

"Oh thanks."

"No problem." He groans face planting into the pillow.

"I'll be out again today, so don't wait up on me for dinner." I get up from his bed.



"Hey Niall, we're here."

"Okay, I'll be out right now."

 I get out of the car walking to the backseat getting out Ingrid's baby bag. We walk up the stairs and reach Niall's door as he opens it.

"Hey Andy, Ingrid." He hugged us as we walked in.

"Are the others up?"

"No, but Liam stood over at Sophia's."

"So what's today's plans?" I ask sitting on the couch.

"I don't know but I think-"

"Morning guys." We all turn towards the door to see Harry walk in with Louis behind him. Harry's eyes widen when he looks at my cousin. "Who's that?"

"Harry, Louis, this is Ingrid, my cousin."

"Hi." Ingrid shakes their hands.

"That's her baby, uh..."

"Valarie." She says.

"She's so cute!" Louis sits on the floor picking her up. He makes silly faces making her giggle.

"Aw. How old is she?" Harry asked.

"She just turned 2 a few weeks ago."

"Your cute! Yes you are! Yes you are!" Louis brings Valarie close to his face and pulling her away over and over as she giggled.

"He seems to like babies." Ingrid smiles at him.

"Yeah, one of our hair stylist has a baby and we play with her when we have a chance to." Niall says.

"I'll be back." Ingrid gets up to go to the restroom.

"So...why is she here?" Harry asked ducking his head whispering.

"To make it short, her boyfriend cheated on her, that side of the family didn't take her in, and she called me when she landed last night."

"I thought that you weren't talking to family." He mumbled.

"That's what I thought too." I sighed.

"Uh oh."

"What?" I look over at Louis.

"Baby Val is starting to cry." He starts to cradle her. "It's not working!"

"Let me try." Harry grabs Val from Louis arms. He rocks her too, but fails to stop her from crying.

"Irish boy on the way!" Niall sits next to Harry on the floor grabbing her. Pretty much, they all failed to stop her from crying.

"What's wrong?" Ingrid comes out.

"Louis made her cry!" Niall pointed to Louis.

"I didn't do anything!" Louis slaps Niall on the head.

"Valarie always cries and I usually can't stop her from crying. I try everything!" Ingrid grabs Val from Niall. "Hey, your good with ki-"

"Un-uh-un-uh-uh." I shush her.

"Andy? Really?" Harry looks at me smirking.

"Yeah, she is really good with kids." I face-palm myself mumbling.

"Andy has a soft spot for kids I see?" Harry chuckles.

"I have to see it to believe it." Niall smiles.

"Andy, please?" Ingrid looks at me. I sigh and take Valarie in my hands. 

"I'm going outside. If any of you come out, you're dead!" I walk outside closing the door behind me. "Okay, Valarie? You are going to sleep now. I hope this works though." I begin to cradle her in me arms. I begin to sing softly.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high
There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby
Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?
If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why, can't I?

  I look down at Valarie sound asleep in my arms. I smile as she cuddles into me. I guess I'm not that bad. I suddenly feel a pair of hands on my shoulders making me jump. I turn around to see Harry at my side looking down at Valarie. I close my eyes taking deep breathes. I hope he didn't hear me.

"So I see you put her to sleep."

"Yeah, I guess I did."

"We should go back inside."

"It is getting a bit cold." I start to walk to the door.

"On the record, I think you have a great voice." I stop on my tracks taking in a deep breath. "I think you would make a great mom." I looked down at the ground smiling a bit. I begin to walk in again to meet the others on the couch talking.

"Oh good, you got to put Valarie to sleep." Ingrid stands to her feet taking Valarie from me. "How'd you get her to sleep?"

"I have my ways." I shrug.

"Her secret powers!" Harry says coming in.

"Oh yes, I have secret powers, Harry." I shake my head.

 "Hey what's up in here?" Zayn comes out of his room rubbing his eyes.

"This is Ingrid, my cousin from America. She's going to stay at with me for a while."

"Oh, hello."

"Hi." She nods.

"Well I'm going out with Perrie today, so talk to you guys later." Zayn walks out.

"Tell Perrie I said hi." I looked back at Zayn.

"Will do." He nods walking out.

"I must be going too." Louis stands to his feet.

"Where you heading off to?" Harry looks up at Louis.

"Going out with Eleanor."

"Oh tell Eleanor tha-"

"That you said hi. Okay I got it." He cuts me off.

"No, that it got her message." I shake my head.

"Okay I'll tell her-"

"You really don't get my sarcasm do you?"

"I got it that time, I was just playing along."

"Mhm." I cross my arms.

"Okay I'll see you guys later." He walks out grabbing his jacket.

"What do you have planned?" I look at Niall.

"Well, since the baby is sleeping maybe a movie, or play a game?"

"Let's watch a movie," I say.

"Which one?"

"Got any Disney movies?"

"Seriously? Disney movies?"

"Got a problem with that, Niall?"

"Yes, yes I do because we don't own any!" Niall throws his hands in the air.

"I'll be back." Harry runs out the door. I look at Niall as he shrugs his shoulders. Harry comes back in with movies in his hands. He drops them on the ground next to me as he sat next to it.

"Whoa! Disney movies?!" I pick them up in my hands.

"Liam likes Toy Story and those are the only Disney ones we have."

"You are awesome!" I wrap my arms around him.

"I know I am."

"Okay, not that awesome." I back away.

"Are we going to watch a movie, or are you going to keep hugging Harry?" Niall looked at me.

"Then put it in!" I chuck the DVD at him.

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