Counting My Wishes

I'm just an average girl that is sarcastic, funny, and always being myself. I'm not the typical girl you would think I am. I don't go crazy for the new fashion lines that girls wear, or go crazy over annoying boy bands. Just one of those...what would you call it? Tomboys. That's it. I never thought in a million years that something so little like a piece of paper would come into my life and change it entirely. I never wanted anything to do with One Direction. Life decides to throw stuff at you and you usually don't get what you want, am I right? Well, it happen to me... Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


19. Chapter 19

"C'mon Andy! Please?" Eleanor pulls at my arm.

"No! I hate that! I absolutely hate pink especially!" I pull my arm away from her.

"Please?" Perrie tugs at me too.

"I don't like pink! It's...not my color."

  Eleanor and Perrie have been begging me to try on a pink dress. Eleanor and Perrie decided to go out shopping, and Liam called his girlfriend to come along with us. I was just going to bring one of the boys with me to go a block down to a store that caught my eye, but I'm stuck with the girls. Ugh.

"Andy, you'll end up wearing a dress eventually in your life!" Sophia starts to drag me into the dressing rooms.

 I look back at the boys mouthing, "help me!" They all laugh. I finally gave up and went inside a dressing room as Eleanor handed me quite a lot of different dresses.

"If you wear all these dresses, I'll give you fifteen." Eleanor take out the money.

"I'll throw in fifteen too," Perrie says.

"Same here." Sophia takes out her clutch.

 I bite my lip. That's some pretty money for me. It's like twenty bucks in U.S. dollars. Do I really want to take their money? They're offering it, so I can't say no. Psh. It's not like I told them I would try the dresses on if they gave me money.

"Deal." They hand me the money as I close the door dressing out and into the first dress that was on top of the pile. "I don't like this." I open the door coming out to the other girls that also tried on dresses.

"Yeah, that's a bit too..."

"Short?" I finish Perrie's sentence.

"Try on the next one."

 I walk back in taking it off and trying on a light blue strap dress with a touch of glitter on it. It's nice I guess, but not for me. It looks like a dress Perrie would wear. I bet she picked this dress.


 It's been at least an hour since we've started trying on dresses and none of these were that great, but they liked me in a light green strapless dress that was knee length.

"Here, try this last one on for me, please?" Eleanor hands me a white dress.

 I sigh, but smack a smile on my face walking inside the room taking off the last dress I had on. I slip into the white dress zipping it up as I looked in the mirror. Eh. It looks like a wedding dress. I step out waiting for the others.

  Eleanor is the first to come out in a peach strapless dress that goes up to her knees. Perrie comes out in a violet dress with a pink ribbon around the waist that goes up to her knees also. Sophia lastly comes out in a strapless baby blue dress that goes down to the floor.

"Wow! That looks beautiful, Andy!" Eleanor smiles fixing the bottom of my dress.

"That's really cute!" Perrie drags me to the three way mirror in the back of the dressing room aisle. She faces me towards the mirror starting to fix my hair up.

  All I see in the mirror is a tomboy dressed in a wedding dress. This is not me. I hate dresses, I hate high heels, I hate makeup, and overall, I absolutely hate myself looking like a girly girl.

"I feel...weird in a dress." I rub my shoulders looking at myself in the mirror. The only thing makeup is good for is covering up scars which I had on my knees since I was little. The scars looked so ugly.

"Don't feel weird. It looks beautiful on you." Eleanor smiles at me from the mirror.

"C'mon." Perrie links arms with me pulling me towards the front.

"Where are we going?" I raise an eyebrow at her.

"To the front so the boys could see us," Eleanor says coming from behind.

"What?!" I press all my weight on my feet trying to stop Perrie from taking me to the boys. "You never said I had to go out in a dress in front of them! I'm Andy Trevor, and Andy Trevor doesn't let boys see her in a dress! I hate dresses!" I yank my arm away from Perrie.

"Just do it for us. It's all we ask from you. That's it," Perrie says.

"If I do it, we never speak of this again, and no pictures what so ever, even the boys can't take pictures because this will be torture later on. Deal?" They nod.

  I slowly walk in back of them as they walk out to the boys. Eleanor goes out first doing a couple spins, Perrie went out next curtsying, then Sophia went out doing the model kind of thing where she walked forward and back.

 Eleanor walks towards the middle clearing her throat. "Now gentlemen, it took us a while, but we convinced the next girl to put on so many dresses and we found the perfect dress. But first, no pictures are aloud as she asked for. Put your hands together for Andy!"

 I slowly walk out towards the middle looking down at my feet. Man, I feel stupid. I look up and see the boys smiling at me. I turn towards Eleanor as she signals me to do a spin. I groan, but do as I'm told.

"What do you guys think?" Eleanor looks at the boys.

"She looks nice in it," Louis says.

"Maybe add like a colored ribbon to it." Liam rubs his chin looking up and down at me.

"High heels?" Zayn suggests. I shake my head no.

"You look lovely, Andy." Niall smiles.

 I look towards Harry, who was messing with his buttons on his shirt. Eleanor clears her throat looking straight at Harry. Louis elbows Harry in the stomach.

"What the hell was that for, Louis?" Louis points towards me. Harry's eyes followed Louis finger to meet eyes with me. A smile appears on his face making his dimples appear more. We all wait for him to say something, but I was completely taken by surprised when a flash went off. I look around and see Harry's phone out in his hands.

"That's it!" I run at him starting to strangle him.

"Andy, we need him for the band!" Louis shouts.

"I don't care! I asked for no pictures and there he goes taking pictures!" I push Harry on his back on the bench starting to strangle him more. I feel hands wrap around my waist pulling me towards them. I turn back to see Liam trying to pull me away.

"Andy stop!" Liam pulls me harder, but fails again.

"He's not defending himself, so I'll kill him." I shoot a glare at Harry.

"Let go of him!" Niall comes in trying to pull my hands away from Harry's neck. Aw how cute. Little weak Irish boy is trying to save his friend. Niall gives up and heads back to his seat.

 I suddenly feel Liam take his hands off me and another pair wrap around me again. Their hands were more stronger than Liam's. I look back and see...Niall?

"Dude, let go of me!" I slap his shoulder. I look back at Harry and spot his phone in his front pocket. I reach for it but he grabs my wrist before I could get it.

"What are you doing?!"

"Give me your phone so I could delete the picture!"

 I fall forward laying on top of Harry reaching down to his front pocket. I quickly grab it and get up running towards the dressing room. I start to jerk back and forth falling on my butt in between the doorway. Stupid socks. I look back and see Harry running towards me. I get up once more and shut the door behind me as I got inside the dressing room.

"I want my phone back, Andy!" Harry slams his hands on the door.

"Not until I delete the picture!" I turn his phone on and see a password lock. "Seriously? You have to have a password lock? Give it to me!"

"I'm not giving it to you!"

"You could change it afterwards!"

"I don't want to change it!"

"Well, I'm hacking into your phone."

"Don't hack! Just...I'll have Eleanor put it in." I hear him walk away and hear two pair of feet coming together towards my door.

"It's Eleanor." I open the door letting her inside. I hand her the phone as she quickly puts in the code. "Here you go."

"Thanks." I close the door as she walks out.

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