The glasses

Hi my name is Harry well when my "glasses" are off, but when they are on I'm marcel


1. how

it was a cool and sunny day when harry styles left school early to go get glasses. "this sucks, i dint want to get glasses, it wil ruin my swag!!!!" harry says ashe walks int the store. "whatever" his mom says as they start looking around.its has been 1 hour and they still havent found anything that ahrry liked,fit, or worked for his eyes. he needed a 1.15 and the only pair that was like that was the nerdiest pair of glasses. they looked like the ones with the white tape in the middle, "MOM,PLEASE DONT MAKE ME GET THEM!!" when we were walking out of the store with the nerd glasses in her hands and the wholw way home harry didnt talk to his mother at all..

                                             harys pov the next day

i woke up as i normally do , in my boxers with my hair all messy. i had a bad dream that night about my mum taking me to the glasses shop and she made me get the nerdiest glasses. at that moment m mum walked in and game me  the exact glasses from my dream and said "you are wearing these to school today and i already emailed all your teachers so they make sure you are wearing them."i pinched my self hard to see if i was still dreaming but i wasnt...what is my gf think about e with glasses!!!????


<authors note hey guys i am holding a contest on who harrys,and louis gf is going to be... just comment name hair coler eye color where u want to meet and stuff like that thx for reading and tell me if u like the story so far!!!>



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