The Games

25 girls enter this competition known as The Directioner Games. 5 girls for each boy. Every time their team wins it helps them get closer and closer to being able to meet their idol. What they didn't know is what happens to the boys every time they lose a competition. The guy in charge of the games has a secret, a secret that will eventually ruin One Direction.


6. Chapter 6

"Turn on The Directioner Games!" Niall yelled at Louis.

"Fine." Louis said changing the channel.

I came and sat down next to Zayn.

The host explained the challenge and then the girls competed and then the host announced the winners and the losers.

"There is two losers and two winners again today. The winners are Team Harry and Team Niall!" John said.

"Yay! I win!" Niall screamed.

"The two losers for this event were Team Zayn and Team Liam." John said.

"Ow." Zayn said really quietly under his breath.

"What?" I asked him.

"My arm." He said.

I looked at it his was still a big red bump. I looked at mine. Mine was completely gone.

"Team Louis you didn't win or lose so you're safe, ok join us tomorrow for a new episode."

"Why do we watch this everyday?" Louis asked.

"Because I like it." Niall said.

"Guys I think this show is why we have these red bump things." I said looking at the boys.

They all looked confused.

"What do you mean?" Niall asked.

"Well have you noticed every time, let's say Zayn's team loses, and as soon as that host guy announces it, Zayn gets a pain in his arm right where that red bump thing is." I said.

"Did yours start to hurt when he said your team lost?" Niall asked.

"No." I said.

"Then i don't think that's the reason then." Niall said.

"But it has happened every episode with all of you except me and Niall, because Niall's team hasn't lost yet. But Harry, Louis, and Zayn's teams have lost and as soon as the host dude says that their team has lost, their arm would start to hurt." I explained.

The boys looked at each other.

"It's probably just a coincidence, besides yours didn't start to hurt." Niall said.

"Whatever." I said.

I walked off the tour bus since we were already at the arena. Except I didn't go I to the arena. My mind was somewhere else. I walked down the street. I kept getting looks from people, but I didn't care. I know that the red bump things have to do with that stupid tv show. I wonder if since Zayn's team has lost every episode, that is why he is sick. I wonder if there is something in their arms that is ejecting something into their bodies every time their team loses and that is what is making Zayn sick. No it can't be, I am just worrying myself over nothing. Maybe Niall is right. I snapped back into reality. Whoa where am I? I have been walking for a really long time. I turned around and saw a bunch of girls following me. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and looked at the time. The concert starts in one hour and I have no idea where I was. I had a bunch of missed phone calls and texts. They were all from the boys. I called Niall. It rang a couple if times before he picked up.

"Liam?" He asked.

"Ya." I said.

"Liam the concert starts in one hour, where are you?" Niall asked.

"To be honest I don't know." I said.

"Where are you at like what is around you?" He asked.

"I am standing in front of a diner and I am by a park and some stores and there is bunch of girls following me." I said turning around and waving at the girls.

"Well which way did you go when you got of the bus?" He asked me.

"Left." I said.

"Ok I will come find you." He said then he hung up.

I put my phone back in my pocket. I looked at the girls.

"Do you guys want some pictures or something, I am going I be here for a while?" I asked them.

"Yes!" All of the girls said a once.

I walked over to the girls. I am surprised they haven't attacked me yet like most girls do when I am by myself wandering around. I took some pictures and signed some things. I made sure I got a picture with every girl and signed something if they wanted it signed. A car pulled up and honked.

"I've got to go now, see ya." I said.

"Bye Liam." They all said.

I opened the door and got in. Niall punched me in my arm.

"Ow!" I said.

"You're so stupid." Niall said.

"Well none of you guys were believing me so I went for a walk to clear my mind, I was kind of mad at you guys." I said.

"Well I'm sorry." Niall said.

We got back to the arena. The concert started in 20 minutes. I ran inside and hurry and got dressed and got my hair done.

"2 minutes!" Someone yelled.

I hurry and grabbed my microphone and ran to find the boys. They were already in their spots. I hurry and got in mine. I didn't get to do the cheer we always do before each concert. I looked over at Harry who gave me a half smile. There was so much on my mind. I was stressed out about being late. Why did I even go for that stupid walk. The walls started to rise. The fans started screaming louder. I started singing but I was so stressed out I messed up the first line. I tried to fix it as best I could but I could tell everybody knew I messed up. Oh great. I looked over at Zayn. He started singing but since he had a stuffy nose he didn't sound the same. This show is starting off terribly.

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