The Games

25 girls enter this competition known as The Directioner Games. 5 girls for each boy. Every time their team wins it helps them get closer and closer to being able to meet their idol. What they didn't know is what happens to the boys every time they lose a competition. The guy in charge of the games has a secret, a secret that will eventually ruin One Direction.


2. Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning and started to get ready for the day. I went and sat down on the couch next to Niall. He was watching tv.

"What you watching?" I asked.

"Well I'm just watching some random show because the next show that is on is that Directioner games thing." He said.

"Oh." I said.

Harry came in and sat next to me.

"Hey." I said.

"Hey, what are you guys watching?" He asked.

"We are waiting for that Directioner games show to come on." I said.

"Oh I want to watch that." He said.

Louis and Zayn came in talking about something that happened at the concert last night. They came and sat next to Niall not stopping the conversation. The show we were watching ended and then a big "The Directioner Games" showed up on the screen and Best Song Ever was playing in the background. Louis and Zayn stopped talking and looked at the screen. Then a guy showed up on the screen.

"Hello, I am your host John Brooks."

He looked like he was in his mid thirties, and seemed a little overly excited.

"We are here at the Directioner house where all the girls that were lucky enough to get chosen for this game show will stay for the next couple of weeks." The host said.

Then they went through and all the girls introduced them self and told us who's team they were on.

Then they went on a tour of the house they were living in for the next couple of weeks. The whole episode was just about the rules of the games and introducing people and stuff.

"Join us tomorrow to watch the first game the girls will be playing to win a chance to meet their idol." John said.

Then another show turned on.

"Well that was a big waste of 30 minutes." Harry said.

We all looked at Harry.

"I thought they were actually going to do competitions and stuff this episode I was so excited, and that host guy creeps me out. I just hope that tomorrows episode is better." Harry said.

We didn't have a concert tonight so it was just a relaxing day. We were driving for a big majority of the time but we got to our next city we were performing in tomorrow night. When we arrived it was already 10 o-clock. We went to a hotel and checked in and went up to our rooms. We passed a group of girls who started squealing and jumping up and down. We finally got to our rooms and decided who would be sharing rooms and who would get there own. Niall was sharing a room with me and Zayn and Louis were sharing a room and Harry got his own. We all got settled in and I was too tired to do anything so I decided I was just going to go to sleep.


It was the middle of the night when I felt this big pinch in my arm.

"Ow, Niall stop pinching me." I said with my eyes still closed.

"What are you talking about I'm all the way over here." Niall said.

I opened my eyes and looked at Niall. I turned on the lamp next to my bed and looked at my arm. There was a big red spot on my arm where I felt the pinch. Niall walked over and looked at my arm.

"Ouch." He said looking at my arm.

I looked at Niall and my eyes went down and looked at his right arm. I grabbed it and put it under the light.

"You have one too." I said.

Niall looked at it.

"It is in the exact same place as yours." Niall said.

"That's so weird." I said.

"Maybe it was just a bug." I said.

"Ya maybe." Niall said walking back over to his bed.

"Well goodnight." I said.

"Goodnight." Niall said.

I turned off the light and went back to bed.


I got up the next morning and went into Zayn's and Louis' room. They were already awake and they were watching tv. I went over and picked up there right arms. They had a big red spot in the exact same place as me.

"What are you doing Liam?" Louis asked.

"Look at your arm." I said holding it up for him to see.

"What the heck." He said looking at the big red spot.

Zayn looked at his arm.

"I have one in the exact same spot and so does Niall." I said.

Niall and Harry walked into the room.

"What about me?" Niall asked.

"You have a big red spot on your arm too." I said.

"Oh I have one of those too." Harry said.

"Well Niall it wasn't a bug." I said.

"I wonder what or who did this." Louis said.

"I know, it's so weird." I said.


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