The Games

25 girls enter this competition known as The Directioner Games. 5 girls for each boy. Every time their team wins it helps them get closer and closer to being able to meet their idol. What they didn't know is what happens to the boys every time they lose a competition. The guy in charge of the games has a secret, a secret that will eventually ruin One Direction.


1. Chapter 1

We all ran off stage. We could still hear the screams coming from the audience.

"Good job tonight boys." I said.

They all nodded. I grabbed a water bottle and chugged it down.

"Hey did you guys see the sign talking about some kind of games?" Niall asked.

"Ya I saw that sign." Louis said taking a sip from his water bottle.

"What did it say?" I asked.

"It said something about how they were so excited to compete in some games or something." Niall said.

"Hmmm. I wonder what they mean." I said.

The screams started to disappear as girls left the arena. We had to hurry and get out to our tour bus. We all ran out to the tour bus making sure no girls would see us. We all got in and I sat down on the couch. I pulled out my phone and went on Twitter. I scrolled through some tweets that had my name mentioned in them. The usual ones like "great job tonight." "The concert was Amazing!!!!" Then I came across one that was unusual. "Can't wait to compete in the games and meet you!!!" It was like the sign tonight at the concert. What are these games? I got up and found Louis and Niall and showed them the tweet.

"I want to know what they're talking about." Niall said.

"I am going to ask someone real quick if they know anything about it." Louis said pulling out his phone. He dialed someone's number and went into the other room.

I decided to reply to the girls tweet asking what the games were. I got down with the tweet and then Louis walked back into the room.

"So?" I said.

"They said they don't remember starting any games or whatever for girls to meet us." Louis said.

"That's weird." Niall said.

The girl replied to my tweet and I read it.

"This tweet says that the games are where there are 25 girls and there are 5 girls assigned to each boy. They compete in competitions and the winning team gets to meet the boy that they were assigned to." I said.

Niall and Louis looked at each other.

"And it's going to be aired on tv live." I finished.

"Where is Harry and Zayn? We need to tell them about this." Louis said getting up to find Harry and Zayn. They came into the room and we explained to them what was going on.

"They can't do that without our permission can they?" Harry asked.

We all shrugged our shoulders.

I got another tweet from the girl.

"The first episode starts tomorrow." I said looking back up from my phone to the rest of the boys.

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