Naughty or Nice?- the Story of Mrs. Claus

Even old Saint Nicholas needs love...


2. What Happend Then

Nicholas spend a lot of time traveling the world. He spent time in jail for being Christian, he spent time helping others, he spent time giving and giving. 

But as he promised, he came back for the youngest daughter.

And when he was changed forever in the hearts of children everywhere from a lowly man with a big heart to a big man with a bag of goodies, he came back. Just like he promised. And she had waited for him. She had remained a maiden, though in his absence suitor after suitor chasing not her (for she was plain and not very beautiful) but her dowry had come barreling through her poor father's door. The dowry remained untouched, until he came back.

And they were wed on the first Christmas of his return. And they lived happily ever after. 

The End.

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