I Think I'm In Love With.....My Step Brother

This story may contain, bad language, dirty scene's, fights, and a lot of drama.
Hi I'm lilly a 17 year old teenage girl with a bit of a big secret. My dad died when I was nine, and it really made my mom depressed. After three years my mom Anne went to a bar and came back with some man named Dan. Then before I knew it Dan was moving in with his son....liam, my arch enemy since the first grade, and if you want to know what my, or should I say mine and liam's secret is then you need to read to find out.


3. vrginity

AThank you Jesus I thought to myself....

lilly's P.O.V

 My mom left my room, and liam crawled out from under my bed. "So um.... I guess we sleep togather" liam questioned as he rubbed his hands through his hair. " I-I guess" I replied to him as I ran a brush through my nappy hair. Then something happened, we looked into eachother's eyes, and both said at the same time " Ewww...NO ONE CAN KNOW". He sat down beside me on my bed. I felt very awkward sitting next to him. There was a brief moment of silence, before he began to speak. " I need to tell you something" he whispered, I nodded. "YouwerethefirstpersonIeversleepwith".  "WHAT", I shouted as I through my hands up. " I stole your vrginity?" I said as I smiled. He nodded. "I thought you and linzee (liams gf), you know had it before", I said. "Nope we haven't"  he stated. "Oh" I simply replied. "well I got to go" he said as he jumped out of my window. 

I sat on my bed, and smiled. When I got a text from a random number. 


hey you cant tell no one and dont even come up to me at school..... got it?

to 859-2495

is this liam?



I Felt my cheeks get warm, I felt embarassed. I shouldnt of even let him last night. I felt water fill my eyes. Why am I crying over him. "Uggh I have a bf anyways" , I thought to myself.

<the next morning>

I walked out of my room, and saw my mom with that man she was with last night. "Hey mom" I said  as I akwardly waved. "Hey baby, come here I- we need to talk to you". She said as she patted the seat beside her. I walked over, and sat next to her. " I know we have been only seeing eachother for like a week, but me and Dan are thinking it would do us all good if him and I get married, she continued. "MOM NO I HAVENT EVEN MEET HIM PROPERLY, AND YOUR MOVEING WAY TO FAST, OMG,OMG MOMMA PLEASE DONT" I yeld as I ran into my room and slammed the door. All I could do was think about how my life is going to be with liam in the house. When all of the sudden I hear a familer voice. "Congrats dad, you gota good looking woman.I heard liam say. "Thanks" I heard my mom repliy to him. I tiptoed across the hallway to the bathroom. I Started running my water, and then began to undress myself. I wrapped a towel around my naked body, and felt the temperature of the water. I stepped one foot in the tub when I heard the door to the bathroom creek open. I turned around only to see liam. He took my towel and held it above his head so I couldent get it to cover myself. "LIAM" I screached as I tried to grab it. He smiled not saying a word. Then after a brief moment of silance, he began to talk. "Last night was a good night", "yeah and"? I questioned him. "Let's do it again" he said smiling. "No you were my bully every since the first grade, and last night was just a-a-a dumb blonde moment for me, and you told me not to even come up to you at school. Oh... and most of all are parents are getting married". I whispered to him as I got my towel back and wrapped it around me. "I'm sorry for bullying you for all these years, maybe I have had a crus-....umm....and the reason I told you not to come up to me is because lizee gets very jealous, and I no are parents are getting married so what, that's not intell December 14 of next year.He told me but the only thing I could think of is the crus- part  did he mean crush? Omg all the thoughts that are running through my mind right now. Then reality hit me. "The only reason you like me is because we fucked and it was your first time" I rose my voice to him. He stood there awkwardly for a moment before he spoke. "That's not why" he said starring into my eyes. .......


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