Justin Bieber Man of my Dreams?

This story is also written on Wattpad by me so if it looks familiar its not copy written kay?

My best friend? A Justin Bieber manic. When she tells me she got two back stage passes to his concert and made me go, I just couldn't turn back.... What will happen? Stay tuned to find out!!


11. Meeting the Biebz

"Hi, I'm Justin Bieber, and you are?" Justin said getting really close to me.

"Um..Amber.. Amber.. uh.." I stammered out.

"Her name is Amber Rose. I'm Bridget Ramirez, soon to be Bieber." Bridget said flashing Justin a smile. I can't believe I'm more nervous then Bridget? Am I feeling jealous that she is getting really close to Justin? Why is Justin starring at me with his ah-dorable eyes? I thought about this with the few seconds that i had. I then quickly thought be confident and Justin will like you, wait! I think I'm falling for Justin! Wow! Didn't see that one coming I thought and finally spoke.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" I blurted out. Woah Amber what the heck? A little too confident! Bridget starred at me confused. Justin walked even closer to me and looked down at me since I'm not that tall.

"I just broke up with-"

"--Selena Gomez!!" Bridget interrupted.

"Uh. Ya her." He said.

"Well you guys are the only ones here! Want something to drink?" Justin asked us.

"Sure!" Bridget said happily.

"Um. No thanks! Not thirsty right now!" I said a little to excited.

Bridget then needed to pee she asked the security where the restroom was and left.

Justin locked the door behind them and it was only them two left.

"Um? Why did you do that?" I asked sort of curious.

"I wanted to get you alone." Justin said getting way to close to me now like his head was touching mine close! Noah didn't even make me feel like this!!

Justin kissed me! Not like a peck though! Like a make out session.

"Ehmahgod! Justin! Bridget is gonna kill me!" I said freaking out.

"Why?" he asked clearly very confused!

"Cuz she's loved you forever!!" I said.

Then Bridget walked in since the security guard obviously had a key. Justin and I were still in the same position, we didnt even have time to react!

"Amber?" is all Bridget could say chocking out her tears.

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