Stuck in Wonderland (One Direction Fan Fiction)

A story of love found in Wonderland, but will Harry and Katy find the others? And will they ever get out?


2. Chapter 2

We finally made it out; day light was there to greet us. We doubled over and panted for a good few minutes, looking up he grabbed my hand again and pulled me closer a little bit more “oh my god,” I thought I was imagining things the past few week, “can you see this to?” right in front of us a little white rabbit with a waist coat and a shiny gold pocket watch came running past us shouting “I’m late, I’m late.” “Don’t worry about him he’s always late,” he reassured me. “But what can a rabbit be late for?” I asked sounding rather daft. “You would be surprised over here,” he told me. “Here where is here?” thoroughly confused, I was still shaking and wanted to get away from this castle. “Let’s go find out,” thank goodness he did to.

Making our way through trees and bushes for around 3 hours now, we finally found a clearing; we settled down and rested our heads in soft piles of leaves. “So can we talk now?” I asked my mystery man.
“Now that we are partly safe, yes,”
“Partly? We’re out, we’re free, what do you mean partly safe?”
“Well the Queen is a little… crazy. She won’t stop, she will try and find us, the girl, Alice, they are trying to find, did nothing to. All she did was breath and the Queen demanded off with her head.” He explains.
“Oh, did you help Alice out to?”
“No, Alice escaped on her own, which is odd,” he pauses and I feel like he wasn’t going to carry on but he does, slowly, in his own time, he continues “because, well I’ve been ‘working’ there for almost 6 months now, which is why I know the tunnels so well, and I’ve never known somebody to actually make it out, alive, on their own, it was surprising and the Queen does not like surprises.”
“I’m so confused,” I start to speak my mind, not thinking it just spills out, “why would someone with such beautiful eyes save me? Dreamy, dreamy eyes…”
“Uhmm excuse me?” he sits up and stares at me, I imagine his eyebrow raised but I still can’t see because of his balaclava.
“What, uhmm nothing, NOTHING! I’m very tired and I still have a lot of questions for you,” I’m failing at changing the subject and he just had to carry it on, didn’t he?
“Questions like why do I have dreamy eyes?” he sniggers.
“NO!” I yell back I’m too tired to keep my temper down. “Anyways can’t you take your balaclava off? Why are you even wearing one?”
“I don’t actually work there; I’m just like you, normal. You will soon learn nothing else here is normal.”
“So how did you get here?”
“Me and a few band mates,” I cut him off.
“BAND? Ooo check you out, what is it called?”
“One Direction, yeah me and four of my mates from the band kind of fell down a hole about 9 months ago, since then we’ve all been split up. Have you heard of us?”
“Uhh… No I don’t think so, sorry. Any ways why were you ‘working’ in the castle?”
“The Queen’s men caught me and took me there and before she came to see me in my jail block, I knocked out the jailer, whilst he was throwing in food for me, and I changed clothes with him, slipped on his balaclava and told the Queen he was the one they caught. She took him away and since then my balaclava has been me, it was the only way to stay alive or else, well beheading you know…”
“Oh, well can you…” I was finding it hard to keep my eyes open.
“Can I?” he asked nudging me.
“Can you please juusst,” I was out like a light, it had been a long day and the leaves felt like real pillows compared to the hard jail block floor.

*** Authors Notes ***

Happy Christmas Eve!!!! Hope you are liking the new things you find out in this chapter!

Do you think we will find the other boys?

Also I'm in need of a better cover, if anybody is good at making them let me know!


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