Bad Boy


1. Is this the day?

Courtney's p.o.v

I woke up this morning in a bad mood. Another day of School. Which means Harry. Harry Styles is the baddest guy in school. He flirts with the hottest girls in school and makes fun of the nerds and even the regular good girls like me. I felt sick even thinking about that douche bag. I put my dark blue denim skinny jeans on and a white sortive see through top. I got my black shoes and my bag. I locked the door and got in my silver car. I drove to school. Walked through the doors To see Harry staring at me. His eyes looked exactly at me. Just me. Why? Harry walks up to me and puts his arm around my waist. His hair gets in his face but it was kinda cute. What the hell am I thinking!!! "Meet me at the stadium 10:35 tonight." He whispers to me so lightly. He let's go and kisses my hair. He walks away. Everyone is shocked. Why? It's normal people love.

Hope you guys enjoyed the 1st chapter! Stay tuned!

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