You Make Me Strong

Freaks. Strange. Mistakes.
That's what Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles are called everyday.
You see, they're not normal, when they were younger a scientist kidnapped them. He gave each one a different potion and they all ended up with different powers.
Ever since that night, each of the boys have had to put up with their powers, they no longer have friends, or family since they deserted them.
But what happens when the world needs them?
Will they forgive the people that hurt them?


3. Chapter 3 ~ Zayn's Discovery

Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry had finally found a place to stay. A small wooden lodge hidden behind trees. They knew the previous owner, Paul, had died last year so he wasn't coming back.

"So what will we do?" Liam asked as he bit into his second apple.

"What do you mean?" Niall spoke whilst washing the dishes.

"When we need food, clothes, more money?" Liam listed, Niall frowned. They hadn't talked about this yet.

"Maybe we should go into the next town and get jobs? When we have enough money we can rent a flat?" Louis suggested. Niall and Liam turned to face the eldest.

"Good idea," Harry muttered entering the room.

"But our powers, they always get in the way," Zayn said what everyone was thinking. Not that he needed to because all of them could read each others minds.

"We need to learn to control them," Niall stood up and pulled the boys into the living area.

"Okay Harry, you need to work on not getting pissed at anyone..." Liam began.

"I'm trying my best," Harry whined. The boys chuckled.

"We know Haz," Louis patted the younger boy on his back. After thirty minutes every one had a little more control over their powers. It was frustrating though, so the boys decided to leave it for a few nights.

"We will go into town tomorrow. Maybe try to look different, that might help. If the secrets got around we need to look different so people don't call us freaks again," Liam explained.

"Guys, I've been really trying for a while and I think I have another power," Zayn trailed off.

"How do you know?"

"What is it?"

"How long have you known?" Questions were bombarded at Zayn but he answered them all.

"It's a shape shifter kind of thing, I've known for a few weeks, I found out when I got a spot here," Zayn pointed to his forehead. "I closed my eyes and wished for it to disappear, and it did," Zayn finished excitedly.

"Change then," Liam sat forward a little.

"Okay," Zayn closed his eyes and thought of Liam, he pictured his brown eyes and cheeky smile. He felt his face begin to tingle so he covered it with his hands. Once his hands had been removed, everyone gasped.

"Oh my god," Liam whispered. He stood and walked over to Zayn and touched his face, to check he was real. "Amazing," He mumbled under his breath. Zayn then smirked, he decided to try something. He held Liam's wrists and pictured himself. Surely enough when he opened his eyes, he was met with his face. Liam turned around and the group grinned.

"Cool," Louis beamed. Zayn closed his eyes and turned Liam back to normal, then himself.

"How long does it last?" Harry asked.

"As long as I want it to last," Zayn replied. "Harry, I need you to go and get five strips of metal, and five strips of wood," Zayn pointed at the curly haired boy. Harry stood, and rushed off, at full speed. "Louis, go get some dye, Niall I need you to go get me a sketch pad and pencils," Zayn ordered.

"What can I do?" Liam questioned.

"Coloured pencils," Zayn responded. Harry and Louis returned to the living room first, shortly followed by Niall and then Liam.

"So what's all this for?" Harry quizzed.

"Harry I need you to make five rings with the metal, Louis dye the pieces of thin wood different colours," Zayn started to take control again. "Niall, hand me the paper and pencils, Liam the colours?" Zayn held out his hand. He took the pencil and quickly drew out a person, then another and another until he had five. He then instructed Niall to colour the hair on each person, then he'd pass the drawing to Liam who would colour the face and then Zayn would sort out the eyes.

"Zayn, I've made the rings and Louis has done the wood," Harry announced.

"Weave the wood into the ring, melt it into it," Zayn muttered whilst colouring an eye. An hour later everything was done.

(A/N - Imagine the rings are plain silver, with a different colour line in the middle)

The rings were perfect in Zayn's opinion. He dedicated a colour to each boy. Liam got the ring with the blue line, Zayn got the red line, Harry got the purple line, Louis got the yellow line and Niall got the green line. The drawings were finished, each one different to the other, some had blue eyes, some had green, some had brown.

"What's this all for?" Niall asked.

"Just wait and se-,"

"POLICE OPEN UP," A loud bang at the door.

The boys froze.


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