You Make Me Strong

Freaks. Strange. Mistakes.
That's what Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles are called everyday.
You see, they're not normal, when they were younger a scientist kidnapped them. He gave each one a different potion and they all ended up with different powers.
Ever since that night, each of the boys have had to put up with their powers, they no longer have friends, or family since they deserted them.
But what happens when the world needs them?
Will they forgive the people that hurt them?


1. Chapter 1 ~ Powers


Name: Zayn Malik

Power: Can cause extreme amounts of pain by just looking at a person.


Name: Harry Styles

Power: Super Strength and Super Speed


Name: Niall Horan

Power: Can erase memories


Name: Louis Tomlinson

Power: Can freeze time


Name: Liam Payne

Power: Can heal others very rapidly and heals self almost immediately after it happens






Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn walked into school.

"Freak!" One boy called. Zayn tried to calm himself down. 

"Get out of this school you dirty mistakes," Another boy screamed. Zayn couldn't hold it in any longer. He handed his bag to Louis and walked over to the boy.

The boy shook a little, but tried his best not to show it.

"What did you call us?" He asked and the boy remained silent. "I said, What did you call us?" He shouted.

"F-freak," The boy mumbled and Zayn smirked.

"S-s-scared Kyle?" He mocked. The rest of the boys walked over.

"Of course not," Kyle lifted his chin. Zayn walked back a few steps, Kyle relaxed thinking Zayn was going to leave him, but this was Zayn Malik. 

Zayn looked Kyle in the eyes, then Kyle fell to the floor, screaming in pain. Louis put his hand on Zayn's shoulder ten seconds later.

"Enough Zayn," He whispered and Zayn blinked. The whole school was watching as Kyle stood up.

"What did I tell you? You're freaks!" Kyle exclaimed, but then he instantly regretted it. This time Harry walked up to him and picked him up like he weighed nothing, then chucked him across the car park. Many people ran over to Kyle, checking to see if he was alive but no one dared go up to the five boys.

"Let's go?" Liam suggested but Louis shook his head.

"One minute," Niall closed his eyes, then scrunched his nose.

"Me next," Louis beamed and closed his eyes. Everyone froze. Louis only felt a small amount of pain but he knew Liam had to heal Kyle fast. Liam ran over and grabbed Kyle's hand, then Kyle's injuries faded away.

Louis was in agony so Harry pulled Liam away from Kyle, who was now non-injured. Louis opened his eyes and fell to the ground. 

"He held it for too long," Liam said, picking Louis up. As soon as Liam's hands touched Louis' body, his eyes shot open.

"School?" Harry questioned and everyone nodded. They entered the school, and passed Kyle Long as if nothing had ever happened.





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