This is my story

I'm just your average nerd, Jeremy Von Driek, 17. My life isn't this interesting and addictive thing that will keep you craving but it is something that you could have never expected, at least from me.
So all I can give you is this cheesy story, I just hope that you'll read it


6. Chapter 6

My mouth was wide open as I heard the new kid confess that he was James Nicholson. This is bad, really bad. 

"What happened to that sassy mouth of yours, cat got your tongue?" said James.

"Just surprised that you're James." I said with pure astonishment.

"Did I exceed your expectations?" James said.

"No, not at all. I'm actually quite disappointed. I expected you to be more unpredictable and as you might say 'cool'." I said with annoyance.

"No, need to get all angry. Just accept defeat and pay me."

"I will not do such a thing, I already have to tutor you and that is all I'll be doing for a scallion like you."

"A sca-what?"

"Never mind." I said as I parked my bike and walked into the school hallways. James was following just behind me and he was getting closer and closer, so I started increasing my speed but since James had longer legs I had to half walk and half jog to make sure he doesn't catch up, but he eventually did.

"Running away because you lost?"

"Nope, just don't want to get into trouble."

"And how would you get into that while hanging around me."

"Wasn't it just yesterday when you told to get the 'f' away from you to do the other things in my life which I'm precisely doing but you're following me now. Hanging around you is trouble."

"And why is that?"

"You're popular and if you become my friend, others will what to be my friend to be your friend and I'll just be used." I said and muttered and inaudible "as always".

"Isn't that great? You'll be popular."

"I'm fine the way I am. Now you can go bang the girls you have to bang."

"Your loss" said James and I scoffed.

I headed to my first lesson. The class was empty and I sat at the front row. I was 10 minutes early but something I didn't notice were the faint sobs of a male entity coming from the back of the class, and to my surprise it was Dave Anderson, the douchebag dating the girl of my dreams- Carmen. I sighed and walked up to him and asked what was wrong.

"Carmen dumped me." He said in between sobs. It was quite funny seeing him like this. I wanted to laugh at his face but that wouldn't be right... or would it?

"I'm so sorry." I said, but deep inside, I was ecstatic that Carmen was single and I had another chance with her. This piece of information made me feel so alive. "You'll find someone better."

"No I won't. Have you seen Carmen?" He said, his tone was despondent. I've seen Carmen a lot and as if on cue she walked right in. Her dirty blonde hair was tied into a perfect pony tail that swayed with the movement of her body, her pink top showed enough cleavage to make you beg for more and her white skirt was a few inches above her knees, showing her long, tanned, flawless legs. Her clear green eyes caught my blue ones for a few seconds before it let go. 

She walked up to the seat beside mine and sat down. I was going to return my attention to Dave but I ended up walking back to my seat which was now beside Carmen. She smelled like cherries and some other scent I couldn't recognize.

"So, how's it going, with the whole break up thing?" I tried to sound confident, but my voice came out almost like a squeak but Carmen didn't seem to notice.

"Oh, it's nothing special. Just a bunch of other guys flirting with me, girls sending me death threats and all that jazz." said Carmen in a detached tone. She genuinely sounded like she didn't care, maybe she's just very good at hiding or emotions or she really didn't care about Dave. Did she ever like him? "Yes, I actually did." she said in a stern voice which was a contrast to her normal tone which sounded like birds chirping and wind blowing as the sun rose. I sound so cliche, maybe I should stop reading teen fiction.

"I-I didn't mean to say that out loud. I'm sorry about that and the whole break-up thing, but remember that things always get better, one way or the other. Why did you guys break up in the first place?"

"Well, that's confidential."

"You can trust me, I swear upon the river Styx." I said with a fist over my chest.

"Okay, okay, you don't have to go all demi-god on me." she said with a chuckle. "Well, we broke up because I wasn't getting the vibes anymore, I wasn't feeling special, it was getting boring and I could see that his interest in me was beginning to waver," she said loudly probably to make Dave hear this. "And he cheated on me with some slut from this school."

"I did not!" shouted Dave. "You were the one who cheated on me and I still stayed with your dirty little piece of ass."

"Dave keep your mouth shut. Her ass- I mean behind is big and is better than anything that you deserve." The words spilled out of my mouth before I knew what they meant. "I'm sorry for my rudeness." Dave was speechless and his mouth was gaping open, probably never expected that to slip out of my mouth, and he was not the only one, because Carmen was also surprised (and her cheeks had been tinted red) and so was the rest of the class that I didn't notice. Now, my cheeks were red with embarrassment. 

"Well that was unexpected," said Carmen. "And hot." After that statement, the whole class started hooting and patting my back and Carmen had an expression that I didn't want to know what it meant. I just kept a straight face and acted like nothing had happened. Class went on as usual after that scene except that Carmen was disturbing my quite a lot and I mean A LOT! She started by shaking my table while I was writing causing me to scribble all over my book. Then, she took my glasses! Who takes someone's glasses without permission? I was getting impatient but held myself back so I wouldn't do anything I would regret. She's a hot, sweet girl but she is crossing the line at this moment. And if it couldn't get any worse, she started snuggling up to me. Her cleavage right below my chin and I could see that she was wearing a white lacey bra.

"Excuse me Jeremy but could you not do that in class." scolded Ms.Martha who is my cousin's wife. "This is a place to learn, not to give us an experience of watching first hand pornography."

My face probably looked like a tomato at the moment. I was getting really nervous, why? I don't even know.

"Could you at least have the decency of taking yourself to the principal's office and don't forget your... friend." said Ms.Martha but her words didn't register in my brain. I was never sent out of class, well there was that one time with James but for a second time, that's just... impossible. Carmen pulled me out by my sleeve and led me to a bleachers at  the football field.


"Hey, don't look so bummed out, you just got kicked out of class, it's nothing special." said Carmen in her usual sweet tone but it just made me pissed.

"Could you not speak to me for a moment, I need to cool off." I said and released sigh of relief when she nodded.

We just sat there for a while just hearing the chants of athletes as they ran, the sound of whistles, the cheers from cheerleaders and the wind running past us. The sky was bright although the sun was partially hugged by the clouds. The grass was a vibrant green. The atmosphere altogether felt calming and welcoming.

"I'm sorry." said Carmen while biting her lower lip as a nervous gesture.

"What?" I asked because I was confused.

"I"m sorry I got you sent out of class. It wasn't my intention. I just wanted to get your attention and from my experience that is what a boy usually falls for." she said in a way that actually made me think about forgiving her.

"I know this isn't a big deal and I shouldn't take it too seriously, but what you did was seriously uncool. You pretty much humiliated me infront of the whole class and Ms.Martha who is my relative. This will get me bad publicity. You have great cleavage and all but that time was really not appropriate and if you wanted my attention all you needed to do was ask, that is it." I said and I was out of breath by the time I finished.

"Sorry," she said while she was looking at her feet. 'It won't happen again... Since you are here, can I have your attention?" I was surprised by her question and when she looked up, I could see that she wasn't joking.

"Uhmm... What do you need my attention for?" I asked nervously.

"Come close." She said beckoning with her hands. I moved my head close to hers "I..."



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