This is my story

I'm just your average nerd, Jeremy Von Driek, 17. My life isn't this interesting and addictive thing that will keep you craving but it is something that you could have never expected, at least from me.
So all I can give you is this cheesy story, I just hope that you'll read it


5. Chapter 5


Chemistry went by fast and so did all the subjects before lunch. I was too busy thinking about what could get Mr.Brawner so furious. I entered the cafeteria, went to a vending machine and got myself a large packet of salt & vinegar chips. I love these. I searched for a table to sit in and I saw the new kid sitting by himself on a table so I went to where he was seated.

"The whole table is occupied." He said without looking at me.

"By who?" I asked as I sat beside him.

"Oh It's you." He said as he returned his attention to the manga that he was reading. This time it was 'fairy tail'.

"That's cool." I said.

"What?" He said without removing his attention from the manga.

"The manga, it's fairy tail."

"Why am I not surprised that you know anime?"

"Because you assume that I'm one of those common nerds that spends his time infront of a pc all day watching anime or rewatching the star wars series. Although I did rewatch the star wars series, but that doesn't matter"


"What happened between you and Mr.Brawner?"

"Nothing that concerns you."

I wanted to press for more details but I just let it slide. "Want some?" I said handing my bag of chips. He removed his attention from the manga and took the bag from my hand and started eating. My hand was still stretched out because I was expecting him to return it.

"What do you want?"

"The bag of chips."

"You gave it to me so it's mine."


"Respect." He said with his mouth full of chips.

"How does respect have anything to do with this? And don't speak with chips in your mouth because it's disrespectful in front of people older than you." I'm one of the oldest people in my grade so I guess I can assume that I'm older than the new kid.

"Like I give two shits about how I speak and whose older than me on this table."

I stood up with my had held high and my hand on my chest, signifying moi.


"I'm the fifth eldest int he whole 11th grade." I said proudly.

"I guess that makes me the eldest fo them all."

"What makes you so sure? The current eldest is Paul Klinch who is 18 and 3 months."

"You even know the months. Well, I'm nineteen and... uhmm... 8 months." Now he said it proudly. My mouth fell open. This kid, I mean person is nineteen years old. "I played a little too much in middle school and failed a couple of times."

"Now it makes sense. I'd be pissed if I had to get tutored from someone younger than me by 2 years."

"I don't have nerd pride. I wouldn't mind being tutored by a 2 year old."

"Nerd pride? Where did you get that from? It's actually called a nerd code of conduct."

He just hit his face with his palm and said "You're an idiot."

"For your information, I have the highest grades in the whole 11th grade."

"My apologies mighty chief nerd." he said sarcastically.

"I like to be addressed by my name."

"My apologies uhhmm... Leyla's kid brother." I shuddered at the sound of kid brother.

"My name is Jeremy,"

"I'm not repeating that apology." he said as he stood up and started for the cafetteria exit. I just followed.


"Why are you following me? Don't you have friends?" The new kid asked.

"One travelled to Romania to visit her dad." I said.

"It's a she."

"We're just friends. The others aren't that much of friends or they just talk to me to gain something." I said nervously.

"So what is the difference between me and them..." He asks curiously.

"I get something from it." I say.

"So I guess I'll be bothered by you a lot."

"Yup." I say instantly popping the p.


The day went on by fast. The new kid and I decided to have thhe lessons during PE and after school. 

Dammit, I forgot to ask his name again.

But doesn't matter right now. He seems to not like PE, like me. We decided we would start tomorrow so I went home as soon as school was over. When I got home I noticed that Leyla's car was the only one that was parked in the garage. 

So she's home, probably with a friend or... a guy.

Being a curious little brother, I head to her room and stop when I here giggling. She's with a friend, probably Rachel. I leaned against the door so I could listen to what they were talking about.

"I can't believe James Nicholson is getting tutored by some nerdy brat, Why couldn't it be me?" Rachel whined.

"It's not you because you're stupid." Leyla said in a soft tone as if trying to console her. "We have to find out who this nerdy kid is and we can get tutored by him too, and get some action with James."

"We could ask your brother maybe he knows." Rachel said. And I wondered why would I know who is tutoring this James person and who the heck he is.

"My brother barely knows who's Beyonce, he wouldn't know." Leyla said as if it's the most obvious thing on Earth. I know who Beyonce is. She's a singer.

"So when are you going to talk to James?" Rachel said and pronounced talk very slowly and I wonder what she means.

"Soon. After I break up Igor, I'll 'talk' to him."

"But Igor is cute and a nice guy, maybe you should just stay with him."

"Uurrgh, Rachel I don't care about nice, Igor is cute but James is smoking. He'll get over me eventually." My sister is a very evil person. Igor is her boyfriend and has been for the past 1 month, 1 week and 4 days. He's in the swim team with me so I know him pretty well. We've been 'friends' for a while because he used me to get to my sister. Not new to me. Almost all of my sister's ex-boyfriends had used me to get to her. "Anyway, let's get back to the movie." And then I heard moans and muffled screams and I think they might be watching some inappropriate things so I walked to my room as quick as I could.

Nothing's better than homework time, because homework time is fun time. I took out my trigonometry and started answering the designated questions. After, I finished the designated ones I did a few extra ones. Hapiness is doing your homework.

After I was done I headed to my computer and logged in to facebook. As always a thousand friend requests from strangers that want to get into my sister's pants. I don't even bother declining them because they are a lot. I head to Carmen's page and start going through her pictures. Her golden brown hair looked so soft and I bet it smelled good too, Her light green eyes were so captivating and I felt like I was travelling when I looked at them, I wonder if they look better if I'm up close. Her pink lips looked like they were calling my name, waiting for my lips to crash into them, Her curves were enthralling, not too big but not too small. She was just shorter than me by an inch or two but I don't mind. I came across a picture of her and Dave Sanderson and feel like punching my screen but I love it too much, almost as much as Carmen. If only she could be in my arms instead of his, if I could just stop being a nerd, grow a few muscles, get some contacts and become a douchebag, then maybe she'll think of dating me. But the problem really was because I love science to much, I'm lazy and contacts are disgusting. There is no world without sacrifice, Halibel-sama's words not mine and I sigh at her words. 

I better go to sleep, don't want to wake up tired again.



'As long as you love me'

'We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke'

'As long as you love me'

'I'll be your platinum, I'll be your silver, I'll be your gold'

'As long as you lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love me'

I spring from my bed and quickly turn off the alarm, I think my ears are bleeding. Advice the new kid gave me, if you want to get out of bed fast put the most annoying song you know, and to me that'd be Justin Bieber. His advice is pretty good. I take a shower while listening to perfection, which is 'A day to remember'. Now this is real music. I get out of the shower and wear dark jeans, white t-shirt that says 'feel' and has a feather, it's from the sleeping with sirens album and a pair of black crocs. I look like a boss. I say while grinning at myself in the mirror. 

I grab an apple before I leave for school. Today I left my HD night rod special --I call her Beth-- and went on Angelina -- a black 1199 Panigale S -- instead. As I was heading to school, I saw one of the most beautiful things I could see on the road... a red 1199 Panigale R. It's one of the newest Ducati bikes and I want one so bad. It was beside me as it stopped at a red traffic light. The driver was a he and he revved his engine and I knew that he was challenging me. As much as I love school, I love bike races. 

"Where to?"  I shouted over the sound of traffic.

"Garamond High." He shouted back. That is just great, that's where I go to. He must be a jock or something, let's just hope it's a teacher so I can gloat about it. I'm becoming mean like my sister, I guess it's in the blood. I put my thumbs up signaling it was ok. He did the same then did a thumbs down. He thinks I'm going to lose, so naive, he might have a better bike but I've got experience. I look forward and revv Angelina. The school was just a few kilometres away it should probably take us about 2 minutes to get there. I looked at the traffic light and it turn green. I removed the brakes and started speeding forward and the other guy did the same and we lifted quite a lot of dust. 

There were lots of cars but we just evaded them, I could see that he also had experience, impressive. There was a red light and I started slowing down but then I noticed that the other guy just increased his speed so I did the same not wanting to lose this race. I could feel the adrenaline going through my arteries and capilliaries and it felt good. As I passed the red light a car had just passed by me startling me and I almost lost balance but I was able to regain it. The other guy was right in front of me, I tried moving to his side but he would always block me so I did the unthinkable, I changed to the lane that went in the opposite direction. There a lot of cars heading towards me but I evaded them all, I felt like I was in a video game.

I could see the gates of the school and increased my speed. As I was about to enter the gate, like three fourths of a second before, the other guy entered and headed to the finish line which is the parking lot and he drifted to a stop and I did it to three fourths of a second later. I couldn't see where he was nor could I see anything around me because of the cloud of dust surrounding me. I got of Angelina and removed my helmet and waited for the cloud to lift. As it did I saw that we were surrounded by a group of people that were staring in awe. It was just a race nothing big.

When the cloud had completely lifted the other guy or should I say, the winner removed his helmet. It was the new guy. I stared at him in shock. I heard whispers around me and they sounded mor or less like "James Nicholson and Jeremy were racing and James won." I felt ashamed of losing but it was life. Wait, James Nicholson? HE'S JAMES NICHOLSON?

"Are you James  Nicholson?" I asked him in complete and utter shock.

"How does it feel to eat my dust?" He said while nodding with a smug smile on his face.

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