The Change In Life Forever

Tsunayoshi Sawada is a boy who lives in Namimori, Japan. He's not very smart, nor is he good at sports. With his older brother around, Tsuna feels safe. But what would happen when his older brother moves away?

[Character's from the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Sora is my Original Character though :3]

{i'm slow at updating, do don't expect lots of updates :3}


3. The Letter

Sora's hazel eyes widened. He's never gotten mail out of Japan before, not to mention Italy. Tsuna lifted his head and looked into his brothers eyes, still on his lap. He was shocked. This worried Tsuna, and made his heart pound really hard. Luckily, nobody could tell, not even his brother who was fixed on the letter.

Sora wondered who could've sent it, and wondered into his imagination, out of reality.

His father? Knowing he was working in Italy, he was a good first choice.

His father's work place? Could've been, because of his sporty side

"Sora-kun? Sora-kun?" He hears as he comes back to reality. "Aren't you gunna take it?"

"Y-yeah" says Sora, and puts his hand out to grab the fancy-looking envelope.

Dear Sawada Sora,

I, the head mistress of this academy is offering you to come to Italy's famous school, with nothing in return. During our visit to Namimori, we had a meeting with the high school principle about who would be a good choice for our school. We know your status, and how you are the prodigy of Namimori. Ever since that visit, we've been organizing all your papers to come here. Our average for everyone that comes here is over 95%, so it would be a delight for your presence here in the school. Please, think about this.


Mrs Gioton, the head mistress of Vitorious Academy

"Wow Sora-kun! An enrollment to an academy, close to your father" says Nana Sawada, happy for Sora. "Are you going to enroll?"

Tsuna, looking sad, gets off of Sora and heads toward the stairs.

"Tsuna" says Sora, looking a bit worried.

Tsuna turns around saying "i'm happy for you" with a bright smile on his face, but even Sora could tell it was fake. Tsuna then ran upstairs trying his best to show no emotion. Once he closed the door, he started bursting in tears as quietly as possible. He grabbed a pillow, and started hugging it on the floor. In the quiet room, he lay in the dark. He could hear them, talking. Talking about how it would be good for Sora's future. The future for Sora. Sora's life without Tsuna. The tears came faster and faster, until his pillow was soaking of tears. That night, Tsuna knew how it was to cry himself to sleep.

Sora quietly opened the door to Tsuna's room. Tsuna looked like a mess. He shivered as he slept, hugging a damp pillow. No comfort. His eyes were red and puffed, like he was crying for hours. Feeling the pillow, Sora felt how much Tsuna cried for. Was he ease-dropping? Did he overhear his conversation he had with their mother? How long was he listening? Who knows. Tsuna was the only one who knew the answers.

Sora wiped the tears off of Tsuna's face, and placed him so he was sleeping on his lap. Stroking Tsuna's brown bushy hair, he thought of life without his brother, and living with his father. He couldn't think. He was blank, only to find himself thinking he had Tsuna. Sora stared at Tsuna. He grinned, remembering all the fun things they did. He then carried Tsuna onto his bed, tucking him in. "Goodnight" Sora whispered as he closed to door going out of the room, and headed for his room.

That night, he started thinking about the letter. The letter that will soon change his way of living...

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